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2010 Noisemakers of the Year


Job Sikhala caused a stir in May this year when he called a press conference and announced his disengagement from the Mutambara-led MDC to form his own party which he named MDC-99.

He said his party was going to be the main opposition party, taking over from MDC –M which he said would be thrashed by his party in the next general election.

Sikhala’s party is led mostly by politicians who left the two MDC formations led by Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara.

Senate was forced to adjourn after MDC senators danced in the chamber in protest against the presence of provincial governors who were unilaterally appointed by President Robert Mugabe.

They refused to recognise the governors, calling them “intruders” who had no business making an appearance in the Upper House.

Theresa Makone shocked the public when she appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts in July to attend a court hearing of Temba Mliswa who had been arrested together with Didymus Mutasa’s son, Martin.

She was accused of trying to intimidate the police into unprocedurally releasing the duo in connivance with Mutasa, the Presidential Affairs minister.

Makone and Mutasa are said to have visited Mbare, Matapi and Stodart police stations in Harare to demand the release of Mutasa’s son Martin.

High Court judge Justice Chinembiri Bhunu sued Roy Bennett for defamation for a story that was published in the Zimbabwe Guardian in which Bennett is alleged to have made statements to the effect that Bhunu was not fit to give a fair judgment on his trial because he was allegedly compromised through benefiting from the land reform programme.

Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga made headlines when she was involved in a media warfare with her late husband’s relatives. Misihairabwi-Mushonga was locked in a legal battle with her husband’s children and relatives over Dr Christopher Mushonga’s estate.

She allegedly called Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri when Rudairo Chitseko, a long-time secretary of the late Dr Mushonga, was arrested on suspicion of theft and fraud. She was accused of working in cahoots with Misihairabwi-Mushonga.

Misihairabwi-Mushonga eventualy gave up the entire estate saying she did not want to be involved in a fight with her husband’s relatives.

Themba Mliswa’s arrest was one of the main highlights of this year. He was being accused of grabbing a company belonging Paul Westwood.

The case apparently became the source of more troubles for the fitness trainer-cum-farmer.

He faced several charges including theft of generators and other farm property. He sought to implicate Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri, Jocelyn Chiwenga, wife of the Commander of Defence Forces Constantine Chiwenga and also MP Paddy Zhanda in one of the cases but later recanted his statements and apologised to the police chief.

Jabulani Sibanda was one of 2010’s biggest noisemakers. His escapades in Masvingo’s Bikita and Zaka districts made big, albeit negative, news headlines.

He was accused of trying to revive Zanu PF’s lost fortunes in that province by intimidating people with the threat of war if they did not vote for Zanu PF in the next elections.

Sibanda was up on the podium at the recent Zanu PF conference in Mutare blasting Zapu president Dumiso Dabengwa, whom he accused of being a “counter-revolutionary”.

Dabengwa’s party however quickly reminded Zimbabweans that Sibanda was not a war veteran.

Jonathan Moyo: It has taken years, but the politician famous for flip-flopping once again bounced back into the Zanu PF politburo at the party’s national conference in Mutare.

He was voted back into Zanu PF’s highest decision-making body at the annual “people’s conference” this year. Moyo had been kicked out six years ago after organising a meeting in Tsholotsho that allegedly discussed changes to the party’s leadership.

He lost his position as Information minister and later ran as an independent in the 2008 elections. His attacks on anyone who opposes Zanu PF are vitriolic and qualify him as a 2010 noisemaker.

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