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Zanu PF accuses donors of trying to scuttle polls


Zimbabwe might hold elections next year without a new constitution as it has become apparent that donors funding the crafting of the blueprint were delaying the release of funds for the process in an effort to scuttle the holding of the polls, Zanu PF politburo member Sikhanyiso Ndlovu has said.

Ndlovu said it would appear “the former colonisers” were using the donor community to divert the national cause and scuttle the constitution-making process to delay the imminent elections announced by President Robert Mugabe.

“It appears the donors are working in cahoots with the imperialists to derail our efforts to hold elections at the stipulated time. We are getting out of the unpleasant GNU by early next year and we have to go for elections to have a government of the people. If donors withhold their money in order to delay the constitution-making process and frustrate our efforts of holding elections next year, we will go for elections even without the constitution,” said Ndlovu.

He said the Lancaster House Constitution was amended 19 times to cater for the changing situation in Zimbabwe and there was nothing that could stop the country from amending the Constitution for the 20th time to have elections held at the time that Zanu PF wanted.

“The British and Americans are now stiff scared after WikiLeaks exposed their puppets’ theatrics to the world and they will use all means necessary to scuttle the holding of elections. They now fear that if elections are held now their puppets will be thrown out and that will mean a loss to them.

“However, they use their donors to frustrate our process,” said Ndlovu, who was addressing party supporters at the Zanu PF Bulawayo headquarters last Wednesday.

The United Nations Development Programme has been a major funder of Zimbabwe’s constitution-making process.

The process has been marred by numerous problems which delayed even the completion of the views-gathering process.

The whole constitution-making process was initially supposed to be completed by the end of the term of the Government of National Unity (GNU) in February next year.

However Copac co- chairperson Douglas Mwonzora on Thursday said the committee would resume work on January 10 next year.

He said they hoped the referendum would be held in September next year contrary to Zanu PF’s claims that the constitution would be completed before June next year paving way for the elections to held in that month.

Contacted for comment over the issue of donor funding of the constitution, Mwonzora said the criticism of donors by Ndlovu was unfair and unfortunate considering donors had agreed with the government that it should first show its financial commitment to the process through committing its own funds.

He said the delays in the process were caused by the unavailability of resources on the part of government which failed to put money into the process thereby discouraging donors to commit resources.

“Failure by government to show financial commitment is the cause of the delay in the process, not what is claimed by Ndlovu. I would like to advise Ndlovu to leave comments on the process to those who are privy to and have knowledge of the programme than to pursue his political masters’ agenda in a process which he is not well versed with,” said Mwonzora.

Mwonzora expressed gratitude that recently the Finance minister Tendai Biti released $2,5 million towards the process but said it was unfortunate that the money would go towards bills owed by Copac backdated to January 2010.

He said as a result of the government’s recent release of funds for the process, the donors had also pledged to release huge sums of money which he said he was not ready to disclose to the Press.

He said the process would continue early next year when donors were expected to have pumped in more funds.

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