The new beginning


We have come yet again to the end of another year. There are many prospects and challenges which all of us faced.

Before us is a new beginning which must be looked at with all hope and a new perspective.

Whatever challenges and breakthroughs of 2010, they are now gone for good.

Focusing on what happened and what could have been will never give us the answers in the coming year.

This applies to every sphere, political, economic, spiritual etc. The best thing that any serious world citizen can do is to focus and concentrate on the dawn of a new dispensation before us.

What is appearing like the end is in fact a new phase that must be seen as a greater dimension in which we must apply those things that we learnt in the current year. At the same time, the new beginning also gives everyone an opportunity to make amends on the mistakes of 2010.

The greatest advantage that you have as the year starts is that you have immense potential to face the new day and its challenges. You still have the capacity to bring to life what you have always dreamt of.

The fact that you still have breath within is a sign good enough that there are mighty things that you can bring to life. At least you can still gather all your courage and face your fears head-on. What seemed impossible in years past can easily be converted into massive possibilities.

This is a new beginning where your breakthrough will come. Be hopeful of the greater things that lie ahead. I believe you can make it against all odds.

Realise that mighty opportunities still exist for you.

As long as heaven and earth still subsist, there are massive opportunities that await you to partake of them. These prospects await the person of your calibre to tape into them.

The best time to maximise on the opportunities is when each day comes by. Truly, you have an obligation to desist from the habit of procrastinating your encounter with destiny.

The chances that come your way in 2011 will not always wait for you.

Choose to be aggressive and forthcoming in your approach to things because if you don’t do that, you stand to get to the end of the year without having done anything worthwhile.

As the New Year starts, come to the realisation that there are massive talents that you haven’t started using.

At least the New Year is another opportunity to pull up your socks and fold your sleeves for real work that lies ahead of you. If it means taking up overalls, let it be so.

Strive at being the unique person that God has designed you to be. Desist from the habit of being a copycat because you were never molded to duplicate another world citizen.

The talents upon you must be maximised upon before you cease to breathe. Identify those abilities you haven’t started using and ensure that this coming year is one where the world will see the best of you and what you are made of.

Are you aware that around you are many assets and networks that if fully maximised upon, you stand to be shocked at the solution provision that you habour? Before thinking and worrying over things that can take you to another platform, start with what you have at your disposal.

At times, we look to afar off places for our breakthrough but we don’t realise that what’s before us can take us to places we never imagined beforehand.

The person who can open the doors before you is none other than you. You have an obligation to take to the grand stage and bring worthwhile solutions to life.

As you start the year, there is one enemy that you ought to deal with once and for all. This enemy is none other than your mind. Your mind is going to tell you that some things are impossible. It’s going to tell you that the best time to execute some assignments is tomorrow and not today.

Likewise, your mind will tell you that others are better equipped and informed to execute duty than you. This has been your greatest undoing over the years but this time around, tell yourself that it’s a totally new beginning. Having done this, go out in full force and start to action things as if your very life depends on it- in fact it does.

Remember that beginning is half done. Take a positive move to make an impact in 2011. Even if you fail in your attempts at times, do not give up. There is no monument or legacy that has been built by giving up.
You are not the type to give up easily in the year 2011.

The coming year is a great one for yourself, your family, your nation and the world at large. You can’t be seen limiting the cause of humanity in 2011. You are alive for a cause and that cause is to develop into a mighty one through the value you stand to add to the advancement of the human spirit.

Your life is not yet finished; the best of you is yet to come. The New Year is another chance for you to do those things that are valuable such that the world will stand to marvel at what a determined person called you can contribute in a period of 365 days.

Jump into the bandwagon of greatness and ensure that you leave an indelible mark upon the face of civilisation.

Thank you for having supported me and this column in my quest to inspire humanity. Without you, I wouldn’t have gone this far. A great 2011 is a reality for all of us. Be blessed.

Noah is a motivational speaker and leadership expert. Contact; 0775 952 634/

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