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2011 tough year — Biti


Finance minister Tendai Biti has described 2010 as a “tough year” and predicted next year would be “worse”.

Biti, who is also the MDC-T secretary-general, on Sunday evening said there had been many missed opportunities during the year under review.

“Good people, it has been a tough year this one and without a doubt 2011 will be worse,” said Biti in a Facebook message posted on Sunday.

“It’s a year where we have been violated and abused, a year in which toxicity and insanity dominated. Indeed we made a lot of mistakes, missed many opportunities and perhaps allowed ourselves to be drowned by the mundane and the suffocating mediocrity of our tired opponents.”

Biti’s fear of a worse year ahead could be stemming from the repeated call by President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party to hold elections mid next year.

The business community is strongly opposed to the holding of elections anytime soon.

Instead of early elections, the business community says government should find ways of re-engaging the Commonwealth and Western countries.

While business was seeking an extension of the coalition government, President Mugabe and his long-time political rival Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai have publicly announced their intention to hold polls next year, in an apparent bid to break the impasse surrounding the full implementation of outstanding issues in the inclusive government.

President Mugabe has categorically refused to accommodate MDC-T demands on the coalition pact, saying he would abide by the Global Political Agreement (GPA) only when economic sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union were removed.

In his Christmas message, Tsvangirai expressed concern at the slow progress of the inclusive government.

He said although there was improvement in the country things could have been better if the parties involved were serious and did not do things that pulled the coalition government backwards.

“It is also true that as I reflect on the events of the past 23 months, I have my own frustrations about many things in this government. Chief among my frustrations is the failure to implement the Global Political Agreement, the resurgence of violence in the country and President Robert Mugabe’s unilateral and unconstitutional acts which have blighted the dawn of possible progress,” said Tsvangirai.

He said there were many things the coalition government would have achieved had President Mugabe been willing to abide by the GPA and stood up to what he signed to, saying this was a betrayal to Zimbabweans who had put their trust in the unity government.

“I am frustrated because these things have stood between us and the great things we could have achieved as a coalition government. I am frustrated because we have taken Zimbabweans for a ride and betrayed the trust bestowed upon us by you, the people of Zimbabwe, as well as Sadc and the African Union as the guarantors of the Global Political Agreement,” he said.

Biti, however, said MDC-T had fought “a good fight” and remained focused on the quest to deliver real change in Zimbabwe.

“At a personal level, I am absolutely exhausted,” said Biti. “The last two months have been difficult.
“My dearest mother underwent a major operation during the same period I was struggling to craft a decent budget for the country.”

Politicians in both MDC-T and Zanu PF have come out opposing the elections planned for next year.
Political and business analysts have predicted holding elections next year will reverse the economic gains made by the inclusive government so far.

Many people fear the calling of elections will lead to violence of unparallelled proportions since war veterans and Zanu PF activists have already started a violent campaign across the country.

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