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Yet another final push on the cards — Khupe


MDC- T Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe said next year’s elections will be a final push for Zanu PF and challenged the electorate in her constituency to brace for action, thereby confirming elections will be held despite numerous irregularities and outstanding issues in the Global Political Agreement.

Addressing a constituency rally at McDonald Hall in Mzilikazi recently, Khupe said reluctance by the electorate to cast its vote has derailed the process of pushing Zanu PF from power.

Khuphe said the electorate must desist from voter apathy.

In 2000, MDC-T launched a final push campaign in a bid to remove President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF from power but the campaign action was brutally squashed by state security forces.

Khupe however told party supporters that elections would be held next year and the electorate should brace for the final push.

“We know that when a mother is about to give birth, she experiences severe pains as if she will die. That pain is not death, but it is a sign that something which will bring joy to the family is about to arrive. This is the scenario we are in at the moment,” said Khupe.

Khupe’s assertions that elections would be held next year came amid reports that negotiators in the Global Political Agreement had recently written to South African president, Jacob Zuma, detailing progress of the inclusive government.

The negotiators were said to have advised Zuma that a road map was needed if the elections were to be held next year.

Khupe challenged the electorate to mobilise each other and go to vote for MDC-T if they wanted the country’s social and economic ills to be solved.

Khupe organised the meeting in her constituency to give an annual review of what councillors and herself had done for the constituency. Over 1 000 people attended the meeting.

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