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Woman charged with $74 000 fraud


A 45-year-old Harare woman allegedly defrauded a fuel service station of more than $74 000 in a well-orchestrated scam.

Sarah Chinyani of Marlborough, Harare, was employed at the service station believed to belong to a top government official, whose identity was not revealed by the state.

Chinyani’s position during the commission of the alleged offence was also not made known by the state.

The state alleges that between March and July 2009, Chinyani allegedly defrauded the unidentified service station by altering the figures of fuel received while pocketing the difference after selling the commodity.

On different occasions Chinyani is alleged to have inflated the figures and overstated the amount of fuel received and stole the cash amounting to $74 753,28.

Chinyani is also alleged to have been drawing fuel for personal use while misrepresenting to her employer that she was using the fuel for business purposes.

It is alleged that Chinyani stole diesel and petrol in some instances but recorded motor vehicles that had not drawn fuel purporting that they had done so.

The police also charged Chinyani with theft of trust property where she received $900 from a Mrs Jena as loan repayment and $2 797 from a customer but did not enter the amounts in her accounts books but instead she allegedly converted the cash to her own use.

On another occasion Chinyani is alleged to have raised payment invoices to suppliers of fuel amounting to $40 000 purporting they supplied the commodity when in actual fact no fuel had been supplied and she allegedly pocketed the cash.

Meanwhile, Maria Zhakata (39), an employee of the same unidentified service station, is alleged to have defrauded the service station of $17 098 after allegedly making false entries into the books of accounts.

Both Chinyani and Zhakata appeared last week on separate records before Harare magistrate Donald Ndirowei facing charges of fraud and theft of trust property. They were not asked to plead.

Ndirowei granted $400 bail to each and ordered them not to interfere with the state witnesses and to reside at the given residential addresses.

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