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Let’s tread carefully for goodness sake


Despite fatal accidents on our roads that smudged the festive mood there can be no doubt Christmas Day regained a significant measure of its lost lustre.

Unlike the past few years where families entered the festive season with no clue whatsoever where they were going to access basic foodstuff such as bread, maize meal, sugar and salt this season there was at least something to cheer about.

A snap survey in Harare’s central business district hours before Christmas Day revealed people were busy making their last-minute shopping.

The introduction of the multi-currency system in 2009 and the subsequent consummation of an unlikely romance between erstwhile enemies Zanu PF and the two MDCs in a government of national unity have seen a ray of light in an otherwise dark tunnel.

Socio-economic hardships had put a damper on Christmas festivities.

But this season Zimbabwe was gripped by a merry-making mood last seen in the late 1990s.

One could hear music from almost every household in the country’s low density suburbs, townships, growth points, rural areas and even on farms.

Thanks to the significant strides by the now despised inclusive government.

The economic gains that brought smiles on the faces of restive Zimbabweans are courtesy to the fruits of the coalition which both President Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai are now uncomfortable with.

Apart from achieving economic gains, the inclusive government managed to stabilise and cool political temperatures which had reached boiling point threatening the lives of those our leaders say they liberated.

A certain level of normalcy has been brought into the country and Zimbabwe is now on the mend lest we go back 10 years if our leaders press the self destruct button by calling for early election in order to massage their egos at the expense of the nation.

The inclusive government was pro –people, to say the least, despite inherent ideological differences therein.
Instead of giving the inclusive government an opportunity to rebuild, our leaders have sought to reverse the gains achieved so far since the signing of the Global Political Agreement.

Calls for the country to go for an election should be likened to someone who takes five steps forward and then 10 steps back.

Holding elections will serve the interests of politicians not ordinary Zimbabweans who were beginning to enjoy the fruits of economic recovery brought about by the inclusive government.

In attempting to achieve their political objectives, we do not rule out foul play.

There is precedence. Already political temperatures are rising and intolerance becoming evident.

Business leaders have made it clear that holding elections any time soon will destroy the economy which is still fragile. Let’s tread carefully for the benefit of the nation.

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