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Prominent people born on Christmas


Christmas Day, also known as Noel is a day marked by the Christian community to celebrate the traditional birthday of Jesus Christ on December 25, usually marked with the exchange of gifts, family and social gatherings as well as church services.

Christmas also involves the display of various decorations including Christmas trees, lights, garlands and a benevolent mythological figure known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas who is traditionally Santa Claus, who is traditionally accredited with bringing gifts to children during the festive season.

According to an old superstition, a child born on Christmas Day will have a special fortune. Below are some of the internationally famous people who were born on Christmas Day:

1642: Isaac Newton, the mathematician who realised the existence of gravity.

1924: Rod Sterling, writer and creator of The Twilight Zone, a television show that changed TV science fiction history.

1876: Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

1878: Louis Chevrolet, born in Switzerland and became popular as a race car driver. A car company brand in America was named in his honour, Chevrolet.

1893: Robert Ripley, published Ripley’s Believe It Or Not books and newspaper comic page entries, founded a museum of oddities and a related television show.

1919: Paul David, a French-Canadian physician and cardiologist who started the Montreal Heart Institute.
1945: Gary Sandy, Comedian and actor in WKRP in Cincinnati.

Zimbabweans born on Christmas Day

1983: Davison Simango — also known as Ddavey Simm, UK-based Zimbabwean producer, singer, dancer, songwriter and chief executive officer of Daflo Records.

Emmanuel Makandiwa — Leading Zimbabwean evangelist and prophet, who is also the founding pastor of UFI Ministries

Famous people who died on Christmas Day
1977: Charlie Chaplin — Renowned comedian and comic actor
1954: Johnny Ace- Famous singer

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