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Adopt a child this Christmas


Christmas is just over this weekend. Think of children around your place. Do they all have parents who care for them? Do they all have families who are able to provide everything for them this Christmas?

This scenario is currently very prevalent, with numerous children who have no parents, others having been claimed by various chronic diseases, some by accidents and yet others by natural death.

It is obvious that while children who have parents will have something to cheer about this Christmas, there are some who do not even know where they are going to get their next meal not to mention Christmas leisure.
Without anything to cheer for, you are nothing.

However it is quite impressive and wonderful that there could be some people who notice such a needy group and have plans of contributing something to them just to bring a smile to their faces.

However, on that note, Smile 4 Africa has organised a programme meant to source donations for the affected children.

The programme is called “Adopt a Child This Christmas” and is meant to encourage members of the community in and around Bulawayo to sponsor disadvantaged children by giving them various gifts which will make them feel they are part of the festive season like other children.

Smile 4 Africa director Albert Tawanda Mavunga said it is sad that while other children are enjoying themselves with their parents during the festive season, orphans are in a dilemma as to where to get food and clothing and how to get them.

“This year we have come up with a programme where we ask the members of the community to sponsor disadvantaged children, especially orphans. Our target for the programme in Bulawayo alone is to reach over one thousand children. However, so far we have 211 people who have forwarded their gifts to us for disadvantaged children in Bulawayo” said Mavunga.

He said the organisation is advising community members to buy gifts for their chosen orphans and wrap them in the Christmas gift wrappers. After that they must take their gifts to the Smile 4 Africa offices and indicate who the gifts are directed to.

“Our target is to get over one thousand gift boxes before the stated date and we are quite confident that we will get a lot this time since we are working with a number of orphanages in Bulawayo.

“Those who are bringing the gifts may even provide pictures of the children they want to sponsor and even make posters bearing the pictures of the children. The gifts will be later unveiled to the targeted children at a yet to be arranged date,” said Mavunga.

Smile 4 Africa is providing financial, stationery, clothing, and food support to orphans and according to Mavunga, they have so far managed to assist 435 children and hope to have reached 500 children before the end of this year.

Mavunga said they are asking the business community to chip in and assist in supporting the underprivileged.

As we celebrate Christmas, let us think of the less privileged and give them something to smile about because these people are part of communities.

Let us remember that they also want to enjoy themselves this festive season and the onus is on us to bring smiles to their faces.

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