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Zanu PF pleased with Copac ‘test run’


President Robert Mugabe’s calls for an election could have been bolstered during the constitutional outreach programme which Zanu PF says presented them with an opportunity to assess the strength of the party in mobilising support at short notice.

The party says in its central committee report that it was extremely impressed by how its structures managed to mobilise support for its policies during the outreach process.

However, human rights groups accuse Zanu PF of using violence and intimidation to cow supporters of the MDC-T during the outreach programme.

Senior Zanu PF members rejected the allegations.

“Overall, Zanu PF performed extremely well, managing to dominate the Western reactionary views that are being regurgitated by their surrogates in the opposition,” read a central committee report submitted to President Mugabe during the party’s conference held in Mutare.

“The Copac outreach programme presented the party with an opportunity to test the ability and readiness of its structures to respond timeously in mobilising the entire populace to support the party policy. Also on test was our ability to reach the entire country with a single focused message.”

Zanu PF said the outreach programme proved the MDC-T was “ideologically bankrupt”.

Surprisingly, Zanu PF refers to its rivals as the “opposition” although it is in a power-sharing deal with the MDC-T and MDC-M.

“The opposition by so doing proved their ideological bankruptcy and in some instances their ill-informed views touched on the raw nerve of the Zimbabwe culture, tradition and way of life, much to the chagrin of the population,” read the report prepared by the Zanu PF commissariat department.

President Mugabe is pressing for an early election saying he was unhappy with how the government of national unity was functioning.

He told delegates in Mutare last week that Zanu PF was ready and raring to go.

As part of Zanu PF’s mass mobilisation programmes, speeches made by President Mugabe were printed and distributed across the country.

“The publication of the President’s speeches is just but a beginning,” said Zanu PF. “Music, song and dance are important methods of communicating party messages and the ideological direction of the party.”

The report said the commissariat department successfully completed the recording of “Chimurenga” songs by Mbare District Choir and a CD and DVD entitled Get Connected featuring “born frees” of the urban grooves genre.

This is aimed at attracting the support of young people. The report said more music recordings aimed at mobilising support for Zanu PF would be done.

Zanu PF said it was happy with its church-initiated programmes which were meant to penetrate various religious groups ahead of the polls next year.

The visit by President Mugabe to the Johanne Marange Apostolic Sect was mentioned as one of the major highlights of the programme aimed at garnering support from the church.

The report said the other major highlights were the association of Vice Presidents Joice Mujuru and John Nkomo to church organisations.

Mujuru welcomed renowned world evangelist Joyce Meyer when she visited the country early this year while Nkomo officiated at celebrations organised by the Muslim community and Zaoga Church.

The Zanu PF commissariat said the party should form a school where young people are trained on the party’s ideologies.

“Drawing lessons from the Chinese Communist Party, there was a call for a party school which should be used to build leadership and consciousness,” the party said.

The Zanu PF commissariat said supporters who did not have national identity documents should be assisted to enable them to be allowed to vote in the elections next year.

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