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P.O.Y goes digital


Proud of You (P.O.Y), a hip-hop hotshot from Bulawayo has taken a bold step by deciding to go digital with his new forthcoming album titled Famous.

Born Nicholas Muchinguri, the hip-hop artist has been a revelation in the hip-hop circles rather than countrywide and his fans can indeed say they are proud of him.

P.O.Y says he has realised that mass-producing albums and over the-counter album sales has been swept aside by the digital revolution.

That is why he has decided to join the bandwagon by postingtwo of his latest tracks on a local hip-hop website, Da-grape-vine where people can download the tracks for free.

He said by doing this he could now concentrate on building his brand as it is the brand that gives an artist more mileage.

He has already released a single from the 14-track album titled Enjoy just in time for the festive season.

On the album he urges people to appreciate the work done by musicians as they enable people to enjoy themselves through their music.

“There is a perception in this country that music does not pay and most artists are viewed as poor people in society. Our occupation as artists is to make people have fun and so they should not look down upon us,” said Muchinguri.

His single has already received some airplay and the video will be aired on ZTV next week.

Judging by the title of his latest offering and three of his previous albums, one can easily trace the life story of the artist. His first album titled 15 Minutes of Fame released in 2002; it was followed by After the Fame three years later and Almost Famous in 2009.

Naboth Rizla of Da–grape–vine said besides the two singles from P.O.Y they are also giving away som of his merchandise.

“Anyone can visit our website and download the two singles from P.O.Y at no cost. In addition to that we will be giving away merchandise in the form of T-Shirts and caps to lucky members of the public,” said Rizla.

He added that the website has created a platform where people can post their Christmas messages to their friends and relatives through their mobile phones.

“We have created the Rap Your City platform where people can post their shout-outs and the message will be added to the message board for the whole world to view,” he added.

P.O. Y also launched a broadside at some artists from Bulawayo who have relocated to other cities, saying artists should be proud of where they come and should be part of the development of that city.

“I deliberately chose to record my album at one of the oldest recording studios in Bulawayo where Lovemore Majaivana recorded his songs. I took a leaf from Majaivana who did not have to relocate to another city to further his music career like some of our artists are doing these days,” said P.O.Y.

His album is expected to be released early next year.

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