Defy the comfort zone


If ever there is a great opponent to the development of humanity, it is the tendency by world inhabitants to bask in the comforts of the hour.

Staying put and surviving in the status quo is disastrous, to say the least, and extremely catastrophic.

Nothing has been brought to life by playing your game on the average playing field.

Greatness is always reserved for men and women who defy the odds and choose to bring out the best within them. The ideal will never come on a silver platter hence the need to move with zest and passion.

The comfort zone doesn’t carry any seed for the progression of civilisation.

Sitting back and relaxing and hoping that things will remain in the state they are is the nastiest thing that you can do to your potential.

I have met people with enormous potential who failed to harness the power within to better levels because of relaxation associated with the comfort zone.

This is possibly because they have been promoted at work.

The promotion ends up as a serious limiting factor to what they can become in life. The fact that there is a seed of a business empire carried within is done away with.

Living beyond the comfort zone entails going beyond the promotion; defying the fact that you got a salary increase; scaling past people’s appreciation of what you are doing and other things you may be engaged in.

Past achievements constitute one great comfort whereby what transpired yesterday continues to be referred to and clutched upon as though life is lived backwards.

By-gones are by-gones, as the old adage goes; why should present opportunities be missed because one is busy pointing a finger and rejoicing at yesteryear’s achievements?

The field you are playing in presently is too small given what you can be.

The position they have given you at work is too comfortable compared with what you have been designed to bring to life.

How do you feel to be told at the end of life that the size of the company you are happy to be an employee in is the very company you were supposed to have owned? Probably you are supposed to own twenty of the type of car you are so happy to be driving.

The bottom line is that comfort ought to be defied at all costs. What benefit is it to humanity if you fail to add the value you are intended to?

Stop comparing yourself with other people who are plying inferior terrain.

Mediocrity is not your lot in life. Why should a seventy-seater bus compare itself with a Mini Cooper that is supposed to carry only four passengers?

If you see an eagle comparing itself with a chicken, then something would have gone really bad.

Truly, the eagle should fly to lofty places. If we see an eagle scratching the ground with the turkeys of this world, then something has gone haywire.

I ought to challenge the eagle that’s busy on rubbish heaps, leading chickens in scratching for worms.

That is too low a position for someone like you; it is akin to playing in the comfort zone.

The greatest anomaly in this generation is that the lion is happy bleating with sheep; the business owner is busy as a worker in someone’s company.

The farmer is busy as a labourer in another’s farm and is happy with the proceeds arising from there.

What an error that the musician is busy dancing to someone else’s piece of music yet their own pontential remains locked up in their biological system? This is indeed a great catastrophe.

It is the error of the ages when the seeming comfort is only an infinitesimal fraction of what a person was meant to be.

Isn’t it astonishing that the person with a solution is busy complaining about the challenge at hand instead of solving the problems?

Such problems are never meant to kill anybody but within them is the seed of greatness and opportunity.

Are you not aware that there is a massive solution provision that you harbour within?

The time to defy the odds is not tomorrow but today. Living beyond the comfort zone warrants that one focuses on what lies ahead instead of wailing about the mistakes of the past.

The past is gone for good, with its errors and accomplishments. The best time to challenge the comforts is now.

Serious world citizens are well-known for taking the necessary risks towards arriving at the places they are called to grace. Sitting back and enjoying the comforts of the hour will by no means assist humanity.

There is no worth that comes by sitting in the same position that you have been in the past 10 years.

To soar to high places, be prepared to leave the comforts of the ground. To get to the extreme expanse of the ocean, you must be willing to forego the calmness of the shore and launch out unto the deep.

Anyone who desires to master the ability to swim should jump into the waters rather than sit back and hope that the skill will come without effort.

The challenge we face in this day and age is that everyone wants the best of the world but they are not prepared to pay the price of greatness.

There is no need to wait any further. The best thing that you can do to yourself is challenge the status quo and live life in line with your purpose.

Accomplishment of purpose is never going to occur when you are seated.

It calls for going the extra mile and comparing your solution offering with the capacity that you have. You are too smart to compare yourself with mediocre minds.

Until next time, commit to defying the comfort zone and be at your very best.

Noah is a motivational speaker and leadership expert. Feedback on 0775 952 634/

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