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Beauty queen wraps up reign in style


Outgoing Miss Tourism Harare Samantha Dika recently gave 19 children from Amai Carol Foster Home in Tafara a Christmas treat when she took them to various recreational centres.

She was accompanied by the new Miss Tourism Harare 2010, Malaika Mushandu, first princess Tanyaradzwa Musonza and second princess Noreen Chaminuka as part of a mentorship initiative.

Dika, who spent the whole day with the children, started off their day with a delightful visit to the Mukuvisi Woodlands where they marvelled at the teeming wildlife.

“Following the refreshing visit to Mukuvisi Woodlands, we went to Greenwood Park where all the children enjoyed various activities before Fife Avenue-based Athienitis Spar provided us with delicious lunch packs which we enjoyed on the green lawn under breezy trees,” she said.

Before calling it day, Dika said she finally took the children to the Luna Park where they all got onto different thrilling rides which was the first time ever for Dika.

She said all the activities had been sponsored by Athienitis Spar under her social integration project which involved taking out children from institutes such as homes to various places for fun and play.

“This is an initiative I came up with after realising that many of the children within homes did not always have an opportunity to go out and enjoy some of the little pleasures our marvellous capital city has to offer,” said Dika.

She said the ladies were spectacular as the children loved and enjoyed their company throughout the day.

“They all took valuable time out of busy schedules to spend a day with the children; I am proud of them and admire their devotion to improving the lives of the young,” said Dika.

She said it was unbelievable to imagine that privileged people took some things for granted.

“I always feel humbled when I am with the less privileged people and continuously hope for more people to assist in any way possible. There is no telling how far an individual’s contribution can go in the positive shaping of a child’s life,” said Dika.

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