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Anglican priests declare allegiance to Zanu PF


Senior priests in the Anglican Church faction led by excommunicated Archbishop Nolbert Kunonga have declared their church’s unwavering allegiance to Zanu PF and said the church prayed only for President Robert Mugabe and no other leader.

Harare diocesen secretary of the church Reverend Admire Chisango accused NewsDay and other independent media of working in cahoots with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T party in a bid to destroy Kunonga’s faction of the Anglican Church and to effect regime change in Zimbabwe.

“You have been fed with lies by the other faction that is what brought you here,” Chisango said.

The interview took place at Pax House where tenants have been complaining about general neglect of the property since its seizure by the Kunonga faction.
There have been water and electricity cuts because of non-payment of bills.

Chisango accused the complaining tenants of being members of the MDC-T who were out to tarnish the image of the church.

Kunonga fell foul with leaders of the church after he made remarks accusing the church of being led by homosexuals.

He was eventually ex-communicated and expelled from the Anglican Church Province of Central Africa in 2007 but proceeded to form his own which he called the Anglican Church of the Province of Zimbabwe.

“Britain will never come to take our assets and that is a fact. We will fight until they surrender and on that I assure you,” Chisango declared.

When asked how Britain was coming into the interview, Chisango said he knew the other faction of the Anglican Church was being sponsored by donors for homosexuality to destroy the church and forward the regime change agenda.

“We can only pray for President Mugabe not all the others. We realise him as the leader given to us by God and we will continue to pray for him whether you want it or not.

“You cannot separate the church and the ruling party and that is why we will continue to support and pray for President Mugabe”, he said.

Tenants at Pax House said they were not at all happy with the manner in which the Kunonga faction was administering the properties they acquired from the main church, including Pax House which houses Consumer Council of Zimbabwe, Zinwa, Parliament of Zimbabwe public relations department and other organisations including law firms.

Kunonga’s church has allegedly turned many church buildings into money-making ventures like private colleges and pre-schools.

“Nothing is functioning well here and it is very worrying,” said one tenant at Pax House.
Tenants said they were bitter with the state of affairs at the building but had nowhere to launch their official complaint as the responsible authorities were “arrogant”.

Electricity was disconnected again at Pax House last week while elevators at the building stopped working a long time ago.

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