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Mutambara warns ministers


Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara last week warned ministers who deviated from government policies that remedial action would be taken against them.

Mutambara was in Parliament answering a question by Mount Darwin MP, Dickson Mafios (Zanu PF), who demanded to know from the DPM what government policy was concerning ministers who misled Parliament.

Mutambara said as outlined in the GPA, they believed in total unquestionable integrity in as far as ministers were concerned.

“Government believes in absolute integrity, honesty and good behaviour on the part of its ministers,” said Mutambara.

“We believe in collective responsibility and when we debate and discuss things in Cabinet, it is a collective position which we should defend in this House.”

He said once a minister came to answer questions in Parliament, they represented the President, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Ministers.

“If there is any evidence of a minister deviating from agreed Cabinet positions, MPs must let us know so that we take remedial measures,” said Mutambara.

Although Mafios did not specifically named the ministers who allegedly deviated from government policies, MPs have oftentimes accused ministers of not being keen to answer questions posed to them during Wednesday’s question and answer sessions in Parliament.

Ministers have been accused of arrogance or failing to give oral or written answers to questions with notice, resulting in some questions spending a long time on the House of Assembly order paper.

“If there is any element where the honourable member is challenging the integrity of our ministers, I encourage him to take the bull by the horns and let us know,” said Mutambara.

Early this year, Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai told journalists that as leader of government business in Parliament, he would ensure that ministers made full use of question and answer sessions in Parliament.

He said his office would ensure that ministers appeared before Parliament to respond to questions from backbenchers timeously.

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