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Zapu UK province rocked by infighting


Power struggles have rocked the Dumiso Dabengwa-led Zapu with reports of divisions, factionalism and infighting within the rank and file, threatening the party with collapse.

Reports over the weekend indicated the revived political party has struggled to take shape due to power struggles that have spilled to the party’s structures in the Diaspora.

Although Zapu communication director Methuseli Moyo acknowledged the infighting rocking the party’s United Kingdom province, he described the divisions as isolated.

The reports said at the two centres of power in the party were Dabengwa and former Speaker of Parliament Cyril Ndebele, who was the leader of the council of elders before the party’s congress in August this year.

Moyo told NewsDay there were no differences between the former Zipra intelligence chief and the former Speaker of Parliament.

“There are no factions in Zapu. In Zapu we are one and will always be one, united by our desire to free Zimbabwe and bring a new, devolved system of governance for our people to exploit and benefit from their local resources.

“Ndebele must be somewhere at his home or offices. He did his part in working hard for the successful revival of Zapu and there is now a new chairperson of the council of elders, Thenjiwe Lesabe, who was elected by Zapu elders from across Zimbabwe, and endorsed at the party’s congress last year. Squabbles in the UK are just but an isolated yet normal phenomenon in party politics. The relevant people are attending to this,” he said.

Analysts and critics of the party have continually argued the UK and the South African provinces were the strongest branches of the party, even stronger than the party’s provinces in Zimbabwe.

“Zapu has been busy quietly building and consolidating structures in the provinces. We appreciate the people’s anxiety to see their party come out and campaign, which we will do very soon,” Moyo said.

He said the party had scheduled a public meeting in Tsholotsho at the end of the month.

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