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‘Political discord scares investors’


Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai this week said discordant voices in politics would continue to scare away investors.

Tsvangirai was addressing delegates at the official launch of the One-Stop Shop in Harare where he officiated together with President Robert Mugabe.

He said perception of political instability had severely damaged the country’s investment opportunities.

“Perception of political instability has hampered investment in the country,” he said.

“We have to ensure a stable political environment or else investors will turn away. The inclusive government had led to renewal of investor confidence,” he said.

“However discordant voices will reduce confidence and business will continue to shy away if we don’t give policy consistency and predictability.

“This leads to a wait-and-see attitude by potential investors,” he said.

Tsvangirai said the country should have a shared vision of where the nation is going.

Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara said the inclusive government had to narrow areas of disagreement to achieve the set targets of the GPA.

“Let’s increase the circle of things we agree on. Prime Minister (Tsvangirai) and President (Mugabe), when we look at the flag, there is no disagreement on anything so let us agree on one vision and one brand for Zimbabwe,” Mutambara said.

“It’s not about slogans, it’s about vision and execution and having the art of getting things done,” he said.

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