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Zanu PF to rethink participation in inclusive govt: Mugabe


Zanu PF will rethink and take stock of its participation in the inclusive government in light of WikiLeaks exposures, President Robert Mugabe has revealed.

The President, who was speaking on the leaks for the first time since the exposure, told his party’s central committee on Wednesday WikiLeaks revealed “gross violations of international relations being perpetrated against” Zimbabwe.

President Mugabe accused his partners in government of being insincere and working with the West against his government.

“As we look at the gross violations of international relations perpetrated against us, it is also necessary for the party to review and take stock of its participation in the so-called inclusive government.

“What is galling is the discovery, or perhaps confirmation, that the people we thought were our partners in running the country, were, most of the time, serving masters who are not the people of this country.

“This is why even as we tried to call for a united and uncompromising stance against sanctions, we could not get the commitment we hoped for,” he said.
He said the exposures by WikiLeaks had shown the dangerous nature of policies followed by former colonisers and their partners.

“For those who take time to learn, it is our hope that the WikiLeaks exposures will by now have shown them the evil and dangerous nature of the policies being followed by our former colonisers and their partners,” he said.

President Mugabe’s comments come barely 24 hours after Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said he was not concerned with the leaks but said those calling for his resignation and prosecution over the leaks should instead take action on named diamond looters.

WikiLeaks recently began publishing thousands of previously confidential communications between the US State Department in Washington DC and the country’s ambassadors around the world.

Zanu PF has taken the matter to its politburo, its supreme decision-making body outside congress.

Tsvangirai however said Zanu PF could not choose to believe one side of the WikiLeaks dispatches and ignore the other disclosures implicating Zanu PF-linked people in diamond looting, among other things.

President Mugabe, in his address to the Zanu PF central committee, said the party should be ready for campaigns and elections as the life of the inclusive government drew to an end.

“We have travelled and travailed in the inclusive government. Thankfully, its lifespan, as delineated in the Global Political Agreement, draws ever to its close. This is where we want to find the party ready-ready for campaigns, ready for elections, so that we can, once more, show that Zanu PF is here to stay,” he said.

The WikiLeaks exposé has further strained relations in the inclusive government and Zanu PF has taken advantage of the leaks to mount a massive propaganda campaign and is accusing Tsvangirai of being an appendage of the British and the West.

President Mugabe in his address also took a swipe at non- governmental organisations, accusing them of working with the West, namely Britain and the US, to effect regime change. He described them as “political agents of the opposition”.

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