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Brace for latest Maskiri, Nox albums


Controversial South African-based rapper Alishias Musimbe, popularly known as Maskiri, together with urban groover Enock “Nox” Guni will on December 24 launch their latest albums at Rainbow Cinema in Harare.

Maskiri’s latest offering is a nine-track album titled New Look, which was produced in South Africa by TBA the Playboy.

Nox’s 13-track, Zim’s Finest: Tisu Tine Yese, was also produced in South Africa.

The albums will be launched simultaneously.

“Their albums are a must-have and different from the usual and they have both featured other talented local artists including Betty Makaya, Ex-Q, Leonard Mapfumo, Trevor Dongo and Tererai Mugwadi, to mention a few,” said Nox’s manager, Howard Baude.

Baude said the two had also just recently completed a first of its kind collaboration album titled Best of Both Worlds: Kuti Zvityise, which would only be released next year to avoid clashing with their latest solo albums.

He said Maskiri’s album had 10 tracks including Moyo Wangu, Amai Vake, Tine Staira and Ndaneta Navo, expected to top the charts.

“The album was also produced by TBA the Playboy, Macdonald “Mac Dee” Chidavaenzi and Russel “Russo” Chiradza in South Africa and they will only release it at least mid-2011,” said Baude.

Maskiri and Nox will also tour the country starting next Friday in Mvurwi, before proceeding to Mutare, Guruve, Kadoma, Masvingo, Bulawayo and Harare.

Maskiri’s return is likely to raise a lot of eyebrows as the controversial rapper rose to fame with his debut album Muviri Wese in 2002, with songs such as Zimhamha, Kwedu Kuchafiwa and Muchinda Wangu, which did not sit well with religious and conservative sections of society.

In Muchinda Wangu he compared God to a streetwise gangster, his friend and old man and that raised a storm with local churches, which felt the song was blasphemous and not fit for public distribution.

Maskiri’s songs were officially cut off the airwaves after numerous Christian protests and his lyrics were described as offensive.

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