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Big Announcement lives up to billing


Carl Joshua Ncube’s Big Announcement, dubbed the biggest stand-up comedy event of the year, held at the weekend at 7 Arts Theatre in Harare lived up to its billing, attracting 650 fans who laughed and tittered through the two-hour long show.

“That was pretty amazing, I didn’t think we were going to be able to fill the two hours of the show because of some technical problems that we experienced,” said Ncube afterwards.

“We just decided to go a different route with the show, and it worked. We had quite a lot of material to work with.”

Despite the technical hitches, which affected the first fifteen minutes, Big Announcement unfolded almost seamlessly.

The show exhibited that a lot of thought and planning had been put into arranging the act.

Ncube recited a fast-paced succession of humorous stories, short jokes, multi-media presentations and one-liners that kept 7 Arts resounding with laughter.

The comedy proved Zimbabweans have a funny bone, and what is needed is a well-thought-out and packaged show to get them laughing.

The show tapped into social realities familiar to the audience.

In the last part of his act, Ncube gave a multi-media presentation of some futuristic ideas on how to reposition Zimbabwe in the community of nations.

While the presentations had a humorous edge to them, the content was thought-provoking, showing possibilities of how to develop Zimbabwean brands.

With his debut act, Ncube proved that he has what it takes to become Zimbabwe’s leading stand-up comedian, and that the days of local funny bones being tickled may just be on their way back.

The comedy, which is being put together in partnership with Rainbow Theatres, will also be staged in Bulawayo and Mutare before the end of the year.

After the three-city tour, the “big announcement”, there will be a 65-day Diaspora tour to London, Texas, Brisbane, Malaysia, Johannesburg, Blantyre before the act returns to Harare Harare early next year.

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