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Why is MDC—T always chasing the ball?


The nation has for the past month been treated to a reverting display of political gamesmanship and opportunism by Zanu PF which has embraced the WikiLeaks data as tangible evidence to portray Zimbabwe as a victim of treasonous machinations by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC to effect regime change.

The MDC-T has gone into political hibernation as the Zanu PF show continues to take centre stage.

We had Vice-President Joice Mujuru engaging business leaders at two fora in the capital this month. Zanu PF chairman Simon Khaya Moyo was in Matabeleland and Masvingo campaigning for the party and taking cheap shots at Tsvangirai whom he caricatured as a gatecrasher to Zanu PF’s government project. In the face of this sustained adversity, the MDC has taken a forlorn posture of dormancy.

The silence by the MDC-T has now been given assent by the WikiLeaks exposé. The MDC-T has tried to play down the leaks scandal dismissing them as “wikilies”. But this is not going to put Zanu PF off.

It is been emboldened. And is now going for the jugular
Suddenly it appears government policy is now being dictated by the leaks which have been a godsend for Zanu PF. T

he party had prior to the publication of the dispatches already started to sound the death knell on government.

President Robert Mugabe spoke of his discomfort with the continued subsistence of the unity government and hence his call for elections next year.

The WikiLeaks disclosures have now given Zanu PF the impetus not only to call for an end to the GNU but to ensure that Tsvangirai is crushed on the basis of “evidence” adduced from the diplomatic dispatches. Zanu PF should be rubbing its hands in glee.

What better evidence for it to act on the MDC-T than incriminating information coming from the sworn enemy, the United States?

Already think-tanks in the party have started a media campaign to have Tsvangirai fired from government or, worse still, arrested.

There is all the likelihood at the moment that Zanu PF, at its conference starting tomorrow in Mutare, will produce a strong resolution calling for Tsvangirai and the MDC to be dealt with, notwithstanding the political ramifications of such a move.

The current state of affairs is a danger to our fragile government because the MDC-T has already started to behave like a crushed entity. In the Zanu PF scheme of things, silence makes the party appear guilty. This feeds into the Zanu PF propaganda mill.

Tsvangirai’s so-called treasonous designs, as revealed in the leaks, are being incorporated into the Zanu PF campaign slogans.

Zanu PF has picked up the ball and is running with it. The MDC has to catch up with the game. We have not seen any real strategy by Tsvangirai to respond to the leaks or to demonstrate his party’s visibility and vitality in the power game.

It is time for the PM to stand up and speak. Dismissing the information as “wikilies” is not enough. He must be asking himself why his party, with its majority in Parliament and huge goodwill, is always chasing after the ball.

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