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West has curious agenda against Zim — Mumbengegwi


Defence attachés must use their skills to establish Western countries’ obsession with Zimbabwe to safeguard the country against imperial forces, Foreign Affairs minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi has said.

Mumbengegwi attacked British and American governments for allegedly meddling in Zimbabwean affairs with an intention to topple President Robert Mugabe from power.

He said the West had a curious agenda against Zimbabwe as they always wanted to know what was happening in Zimbabwe.

The minister was speaking to defence attachés at a diplomatic training course in Harare where he delivered a presentation on the foreign policy of Zimbabwe and the challenges and prospects that the attachés who would be deployed to Zimbabwean missions abroad should expect.

“My assignment for you is to find out what it is with this obsession about Zimbabwe they have. Everywhere you go it is Zimbabwe they are talking about,” he said.

“I have been approached by many diplomats from other countries complaining that they are doing our work in the Western countries they are posted,” Mumbengegwi said.

“They say the only time they talk about their countries is when they are presenting their credentials. After that it’s all talk about Zimbabwe. They are always talking about your country, so try and discover why the Western countries are so obsessed with Zimbabwe.”

He said some diplomats of some Western countries were trained on how to spy on Zimbabwe and had also assigned their attachés to do the same.

“As DAs (defence attachés), you are joining the ranks of those tasked to defend Zimbabwe’s interests abroad. You should be well versed in the political developments in your country and defend the foreign policy of your country. Our diplomats are expected to speak with one voice in the defence of the country’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. When you serve as Zimbabwe’s diplomats you are expected to defend government policy regardless of your personal views,” he said.

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