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DA threatens to sue Mugabe over human rights


The Democratic Alliance (DA), an opposition party in South Africa, has threatened to take President Robert Mugabe to court to face charges of human rights abuse if he fails to hand over power.

The party, led by Helen Zille, resolved to launch a campaign focused on achieving political progress in Zimbabwe. The DA said it had taken the stance after realising President Jacob Zuma, who is the Sadc facilitator, and his African National Congress (ANC), were not doing enough to bring political stability to Zimbabwe.

In its five-point plan presented at a press conference in South Africa last week by the party’s parliamentary leader Athol Trollip and other senior party officials, the DA said it wanted to effectively deal with the Zimbabwean political crisis.

“Should President Mugabe fail to commit to such an agreement, the DA will seek to bring him before the ICC (International Criminal Court) to be tried for human rights abuses and acts of torture committed during his rule,” said Trollip.

“The DA will seek to employ all available mechanisms to ensure that Zimbabwe’s pursuit of a democratic dispensation is afforded the greatest possible chance of success. In this regard, the DA has compiled a five-point plan for democratic reform in Zimbabwe.”

The party slammed the Zuma-led ANC for siding with President Mugabe.

“For reasons of both national and regional importance, the ANC government cannot be permitted to continue with its tacit support of President Mugabe’s attempts to undermine political progress in Zimbabwe,” said the DA.

“The DA will, where appropriate, exert legal and political pressure on Zimbabwe itself. Until President Robert Mugabe is removed from politics, possibly through an amnesty agreement for him and his henchmen, free and fair elections cannot be staged.”

The DA said it would continue to support targeted sanctions.

“Only when key political concessions are made, such as the establishment of an independent electoral commission and the generation of a credible voters’ roll, would be the lifting of such restrictive measures.”

The DA would also use the media and other mechanisms to exert pressure on the African Union, Sadc, the United States and the EU to act decisively in dealing with the current situation in Zimbabwe.

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