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Be firm, SA-based artistes urge Zimbabwean artists


Three Generations actors, Senzo (Thamsanga Ngqolo), Sharon (Kagiso Rakosa) and Ajax (Sipho Ngwenya) as well as DJ Waxxy, who were in the country over the weekend, have challenged Zimbabwean actors to be strong and firm in their quest for jobs in the acting industry.

Addressing journalists at a local hotel on Saturday afternoon, Rakosa said being an actor did not come easily for her as it was taxing to land her role at Generations.

“Our acting industry is not simple like mathematics where one plus one will always be two. It’s not guaranteed that you will simply get the jobs, so you have to fight and hustle for what you want,” said Rakosa.

Said DJ Waxxy: “When I was in my country in Nigeria, I always saw myself being a DJ at Channel O and I had to hustle and push in order for me to be given a chance to work for Channel O. It was not an easy road as they started by doubting my potential, but now I am a big DJ in South Africa and Africa as a whole”.

The four attended the “Bohlingers Tight Party with A Star”, hosted by Bohlingers Lager at Stars Studio. The event was held on Saturday evening and ended yesterday morning . DJ Waxxy was backed by local DJs — L-Roy and Chuckie.

In an interview with NewsDay, Rakosa dismissed speculation that she was pregnant, saying she was only acting as a pregnant woman. Ngqolo, who acts as a gay character said he was not homosexual and that he was living with the consequences of acting that role.

“I nearly did not take the gay role but I decided otherwise as I first judged myself as an actor. It was a big and complicated decision to make but it made sense to me to take the part.

“My girlfriend supported me as she always reminded me that I knew I wasn’t gay” Ngqolo said.

The SA-based crew undoubtedly had a great experience in Zimbabwe as they kept hinting to the organisers that they wanted to come back.

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