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Deputising Mumbengegwi was horrible — Ndlovu


Former Foreign Affairs deputy minister Moses Mzila Ndlovu says deputising a Zanu PF minister was a horrible experience as he was rendered powerless and ineffective by his power-hungry boss, Simbarashe Mumbengegwi.

Ndlovu, who has just been appointed Minister of National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration, was addressing Bulawayo residents during the social accountability conference organised by Bulawayo Progressive Residents’ Association at the weekend — four days before his official appointment to the new post.

He fills the post that fell vacant following the death of MDC-M vice-president Gibson Sibanda.

He said the major problem he faced deputising Mumbengegwi was that he had virtually been condemned to be just part of the furniture in the ministry because of the Zanu PF minister’s leadership style.

“It has been so horrible and difficult for me to deputise someone whose party rules by force. It is very horrible to work with Zanu PF,” Ndlovu said.

“Like women tormented by their husbands would say, that they are unhappy in the marriage but are staying for the sake of their children, I am staying in the inclusive government for the sake of my children or my people. Otherwise I would have abandoned it long ago.”

He said the determination to free the people of Zimbabwe from economic and political problems forced him to endure all the hardships caused by Zanu PF in the GNU. Ndlovu said since the formation of the GNU, there had been little inclusivity because of divergent views that the parties in the GNU had.

“You never heard of Mzila going to represent the country abroad because the person heading the ministry is Zanu PF and he does things his own way, according to the Zanu PF doctrine.

“He is the one who goes abroad on foreign affairs issues every time” he said.

Ndlovu said deputising Mumbengegwi in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was unbearable.

He said since the GNU was formed, attempts to stamp out violence had failed, a development which Ndlovu said continued to sour relations with other countries, especially the West and the European Union.

Ndlovu said such developments were a clear indication that the nation was not yet ready for elections, contrary to the impression that other partners in the GNU wanted to create.

Efforts to contact minister were fruitless before time of going to the press.

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