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All that jazz: Tina — flawless, smooth vocal style


She certainly has star quality and her music is getting a lot of airplay on SFM.

Tina Watyoka is the latest addition to the new generation of Zimbabwean jazz musicians.

She is a truly gifted singer with a flawless and smooth vocal style. Her music has soothing jazzy feel and it explores serious themes based on her life’s experiences.

Tina draws her inspiration from Eryka Badou and Lira and her debut album, Introducing Tina, has themes that are related to family, life’s challenges and marriage. Tina’s is a message of hope and encouragement.

Chii is a great track that makes use of the swung note coupled with fantastic improvisation.

The arrangement combines a modernised mbira sound played on guitar, keyboard and a striking electric guitar. The song encourages people not to despair when in problems but to keep hope alive because life is full of challenges that have to be overcome.

There is also an instrumental version of the song Chii. This track brings out Mono Mukundu’s mastery as a multi-instrumentalist. He has the rare ability to modernise traditional African chant refrain and swing it using any instrument.

Usapere Simba (Don’t give up) follows same theme of life’s challenges, it encourages the listener to stay strong and maintain a good attitude towards life.

In the song, she brings out the fact that the difference between champions and losers is that winners do not give up.

Tina values family and she dedicates Ndakupiwa to her husband. This is a relaxing, well-arranged cool love song with outstanding drops of lead guitar.

Of her husband, she says he is a God-given man and she will stand by him even when relatives do not approve.

All the songs on the album were composed by Mono Mukundu except True Man, which Tina Watyoka composed herself.

This track is a tribute to her late father who passed on when she was still very young. Sung in English, it can be classified as afro -jazz hip hop — clear evidence that the artist is innovative.

The young songstress belongs to the new generation of jazz musicians that combines jazz with new trends and genres to take the music to a whole new level.

True Man also has an acoustic version that takes one to a quiet space; it combines mbira, double bass and piano to create a sound suitable for quiet reflective moments.

Tina’s album also has Makamira Neni, a gospel song that is touching, slow and soft in a way can bring tears to one’s eyes. The track features some great keyboard and guitar solos in the true jazz tradition.

Mari (Money) is a cool song about relationships that combines great keyboards and bass that is laid on thickly. It advises husbands against cheating as a result of newly found wealth.

Tina Watyoka recently completed a tour of Europe with Taku Mafika where they were part of an international orchestra that performed in various capitals. She started singing in a church choir at a tender age of 12 and after high school, recorded two tracks.

Her break came when she auditioned for “Daughters of Africa” at Music Crossroads. This is where she was discovered by Busi Ncube, who was one of the judges.

Busi then asked her to join her band as backing vocalist.

In the few months that she was with Band Rain, Busi groomed and gave polish to the young artist and she credits Busi for training and taking her to a higher level professionally.

Artist: Tina Watyoka
Producer: Clive Mono Mukundu
Recording Studio: Monolio Studios

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