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m:u:s:t makes music for the eye


Danish music outfit, m:u:s:t, treated music fans to a feast of “music for the eyes” at The Mannenberg in Harare recently with a performance which integrated electronics, visuals and acoustic instruments in a real-time live concept.

The band’s performance consisted of a mix of slow and fast-paced jazz tunes played to an eclectic collection of visuals that were projected onto a screen at the back of the stage.

Each song played had its own unique roll of images carefully selected to influence a particular response which created an aura of watching a movie whilst listening to music.

One roll of visuals featured a hand constructing a digital painting on the screen to a pulsating jazz beat.

The one-off performance was part of the band’s southern African tour to Zimbabwe and Mozambique, facilitated by the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark.

“We are very excited to be here because it’s a country we have heard about for many years. We’ve heard it’s a beautiful country,” said Christian Vuust, the band’s leader.” Our concept is cross-disciplinary; we were passing through Zimbabwe, and took the opportunity to play at a jazz club.”

m:u:s:t’s work embraces a dizzying array of audio and visual influences, from blackbirds’ songs to scenes from a Tokyo rush hour, from road movies to free jazz, engaging audiences with their kaleidoscopic interplay of poetic imagery and atmospheric sounds.

After playing their sets, m:u:s:t invited musicians to join them on the stage for a jam session.

m:u:s:t released its debut album, Solsort in 2008 as a dualdisc, which is a combined audio CD and video DVD.

After the release of their first album in 2008, Danish music magazine Geiger wrote: “It is simply excellent that these artists have chosen to remove the boundaries between the art forms on this visionary album.”

On their tour, m:u:s:t will perform with an extended line-up consisting of Henrik Munch (electronics), Iben West (video) and Christian Vuust (saxophone), joined by one of Denmark’s leading drummers, Janus Nevel (drums), and on selected tunes Keld Hosbond (trombone) and Astrid Elbek (keyboards).

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