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Mujuru statements insincere — opposition


Emotions have run high among victims of Zanu PF terror campaigns after statements by Vice President Joice Mujuru that her party’s supporters killed rivals in the name of the party without the knowledge of the leadership.

Mujuru made the confessions on Wednesday that President Robert Mugabe did not know about the violence by Zanu PF supporters perpetrated against opposition supporters.

MDC-T spokesperson Nelson Chamisa said the statements by Mujuru were difficult to believe.

“If people went out there to perpetrate violence against the people in the name of Zanu PF, it is difficult to exonerate them. The same way if Dynamos supporters run amok and throw missiles in the stadium, the team is held responsible,” Chamisa said.

Chamisa said most cases of violence were yet to be investigated.

National Constitutional Assembly chairman Lovemore Madhuku said what Mujuru said was “absolutely nonsensical”. “It’s actually an admission that the party was responsible for atrocities that rocked the country in the recent years,” said Madhuku.

“How can she say (President) Mugabe did not know about the violence yet after myself, (Morgan) Tsvangirai, (Arthur) Mutambara and other activists were attacked in 2007, he celebrated that publicly?

“He (Mugabe) came out boasting that we were attacked, so for Mujuru to say they did not know of the violence is absolute rubbish,” he said.

MDC99 president Job Sikhala said the statement was not genuine as Zanu PF had become known for its violent behaviour.

“It’s not a genuine statement by Mujuru,” Sikhala said.

“The statements are only made to hoodwink the business community by portraying the party as innocent. They have been killing since 1980. It is nonsense for her to say that. I think she should have eaten a lot of buffet and dessert to say those lies to the business community,” he said.

Tsholotsho North Zanu PF MP Jonathan Moyo said he was not in a position to comment on what his boss had said.

Moyo said the statements by Mujuru were self-explanatory.

“Mai Mujuru’s words are invaluable. They do not need any addition or subtraction. I am sensing a sinister agenda. Why do you want me to comment on what my boss said?” Moyo said.

Mujuru told a business meeting on Wednesday that people who perpetrated violence were not sent by President Mugabe whom she claimed did not know anything about the violence.

“If you are out there and you kill in the name of Zanu PF, the law will catch up with you because an offence (once) committed should be brought to justice. Zanu PF won’t protect you. We don’t want to be a country known for murder and harassment.”

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