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Dub poet releases album


Locally based, upcoming dub poet Likhwa, aka Ncube, has released an album that features his poetic compositions.

Entitled The First Chapter, the 12-track album showcases Ncube’s poetic abilities.

In the introduction, the lyricist plays around with words, where he introduces listeners to his music genre. He delivers the message, telling people what they can expect from the album.

Ncube has a strong voice that is in keeping with those of praise poets. One thing that he needs to do, however, is to avoid trying to imitate celebrated South African poet, Mzwakhe Mbuli.

It is always good for poets to sound original. However, it is not in all songs that Ncube sounds like Mbuli.

He has some interesting songs that will earn him respect in the music industry as he matures.

The song Africa talks about the beauty of the mother continent. It calls upon all who live here to love and respect each other.

“Poetry brings consciousness to the people, commenting on social issues so that those in leadership may be aware of the problems that people are facing,” he said in an interview.

“My music deals with love, unity and social justice. That is what we advocate for as poets,” said the quantity surveying student.

He said the song Mama is dedicated to his mother and “all women in the country and beyond who are mothers”.

Another interesting track on the album is entitled Wamubi. Although the song refers to ugliness, it was very well rendered with a slow tempo and meaningful poetic lines.

Bosso is a song that will strike a chord with the legion of Highlanders Football Club fans. Ncube however said there was still limited recognition of poetry in the country.

“I was just looking at a paper from the National Arts Merit Awards. Conspicuous in that competition is the absence of an award for poetry. How then do we expect youngsters to be motivated to take up poetry as an art when there is no single award for the genre?” he asked.

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