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Dereck will knock out Klitschko — dad


Paul “Jetmaster” Chisora, the father of Dereck who is set to clash with IBF-WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, on Wednesday declared that his son was the “new Mike Tyson” ahead of the big fight in Mannheim, Germany, on Saturday.

The senior Chisora (52) predicted that his son would knock out Klitschko.

In an interview with NewsDay ahead of his son’s biggest fight to date, the Mbare resident said Dereck possessed “a lion’s heart” and would chop Klitschko down.

“I know my son very well,” said Paul Chisora. “He is one of the bravest fighters in the world and has a lion’s heart. The fact that he is still to gain experience on the international scene falls away because he is a good fighter with skills and determination.

“He is the new Mike Tyson. Boxing was becoming boring without people like him. He called me telling me that he was ready for the fight. He has been training hard in Scotland and is now in Germany.

“I will not be there to cheer him in Germany but he is aware that I’m fully behind him and I will be watching him live from this side.”

Meanwhile, the boxer on Wednesday insulted Klitschko’s girlfriend and called his trainer Emanuel Steward “an Uncle Tom”.The utterances come a day after he had claimed that Klitschko was used to fighting “taxi drivers”.

According to The Sun newspaper, Chisora (26) started a war of words with the IBF-WBO heavyweight champion ahead of their clash.

The British champion, who moved to London 10 years ago from Zimbabwe, called Steward “an Uncle Tom of the Klitschko brothers”. As well as that racial slur, unbeaten Chisora has also described Klitschko’s girlfriend, American actress Hayden Panettiere, as being “three feet tall”.

He said: “You want to be like Muhammad Ali and all the rest but you will never buy greatness, because you are not great.

“That’s why you’re stuck in Germany, that’s why the other countries don’t want to watch you. You can’t get a fight in Vegas. No one will pay to watch you in Vegas because you stink up the joint.”

Legendary US trainer Steward guided Briton Lennox Lewis to the world heavyweight title and also trained the likes of Tommy “Hitman” Hearns in a brilliant career. Last month Chisora received a three-month suspended sentence and 150 hours’ community service for assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Klitschko laid into him over that and said: “I guess your opponent is your ex-girlfriend, who can’t punch back.

“Any man who hits a woman is a loser.

“You will be twice a loser. I intend to punish you.”
Steward said: “As a boxer, he’s got pretty good skills and determination. He’s better than David Haye.

“He is good at promoting himself, he even shows up for the fight, but as a person, he is horrible.

“He bites in fights, he beats up his girlfriend who cannot punch back.

“I don’t have to motivate Wladimir, Chisora has already made him mad.”

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