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Rooftop makes a mark in Kenya


Rooftop Promotions recently left a lasting impression Kenyans and other nationals who participated and attended the All-Africa Dance Festival for Peace held in Nairobi from December 3 to 5.

A total of four of their performances were staged and 2 000 DVDs of Waiting for Constitution and Heal the Wounds were distributed free of charge to a cross-section of people from politicians, civic workers, students and ordinary people in Kenya.

A cast of eight artists who included Mandla Moyo, Zenzo Nyathi, Silvanos Mudzvova, Joyce Mpofu, Chipo Bizurre, Rutendo Chigudu, Gibson Sarare and Akupa Gabriel, as well as Rooftop’s marketing and sales person, Tafadzwa Muzondo, left Harare International Airport on December 1 to participate in the festival.

“Two performances were done at Sarakasi Dome December 4 and on December 5 as part of the festival and two other special performances were done at the August 7 Memorial Park in a collaboration with Undone Theatre which runs a Theatre in the Park at that venue,” said Rooftop Promotions producer, Daves Guzha, who led the Nairobi tour.

Guzha said their most touching experience was performing at the August 7 Memorial Park which commemorates an attack on the US Embassy by terrorists on August 7, 1998, which killed 218 people.

He said the audience was touched by the in the play and the artists were touched at performing in front of a memorial tombstone with a message:

“May the innocent victims of this tragic event rest in the knowledge that it has strengthened our resolve to work for a world in which man is able to live alongside his brother in peace.”

Guzha said the festival brought together artists, peace builders, educators, development workers, community animators and cultural activists from conflict-affected African countries as Burundi, Sudan, Rwanda, Somalia, Zimbabwe and Kenya among others.

The producer of Undone Theatre, who facilitated the other two special performances at the August 7 Memorial Park, Dave Ojay, said Rituals had become the talk of town and he commended Rooftop Promotions for bringing such a wonderful and touching story to Kenya.

Director of the festival, Karegwa Muchiri, said Rituals had been the major highlight of the festival and brought a different feel to other shows by fusing dance, music and drama to come up with a powerful message and wonderful entertainment for the audience.

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