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MPs declare assets


Five MPs affiliated to the African Parliamentary Network Against Corruption (Apnac) are expected to declare their assets to the public on Thursday as a way of pushing other MPs to do the same.

Kambuzuma MP, Willas Madzimure who is also the chairman of Apnac on Tuesday told NewsDay MPs would start the ball rolling in the fight against corruption by being exemplary and declaring their assets publicly on Thursday, which is also the World Anti Corruption Day.

“Apnac will be commemorating the World Anti-Corruption day on December 9 and we want to use this occasion to start the ball rolling by declaring our assets as leaders,” said Madzimure.

It is our belief that by getting MPs to declare their assets we would have shown the way for all those who hold positions of authority to also do the same and declare theirs.

Some government ministers have recently hogged the limelight after shocking exposure of massive wealth allegedly belonging to them and whose source cannot be justified by their earnings as public officials.

Apnac is a network of African Parliamentarians formed in 1999 in Uganda as a way to fight corruption tendencies by high profile people in society.

In Zimbabwe, it was formed in 2003 and is composed of MPs across the political divide.
Madzimure said as Apnac they had made observations that a lot of people had suddenly become extremely wealthy after assuming positions of power.

This, Madzimure said, had resulted in people questioning the integrity of their leaders and as MPs, they felt that declaration of assets was imperative in order to prove that their wealth was not ill-gotten.

“It is now common knowledge that upon assumption of positions of high authority, people have suddenly become very rich and the majority of them cannot even explain the sources of their wealth.

“That is the reason why we want to advocate for declaration of assets because people have lost confidence and faith in the leadership,” said Madzimure.

He said Apnac would advocate for the promulgation of legislation to ensure MPs and people in high offices declared their assets before assuming positions of power so that there was accountability.

“We hope to move a motion in Parliament that will facilitate the coining of a Bill to ensure MPs and other leaders declare their assets,” he said.

He said the five MPs expected to declare their assets on Thursday would do so voluntarily.

“We have volunteered to do that because corruption has proved to be one of the biggest obstacles to efforts to maintain economic stability.

“It is also affecting the people we represent as they are the ones who normally bear the brunt of corruption by leaders,” he said.

Although Madzimure could not disclose the names of those MPs expected to declare their assets, he said Apnac members would march from Parliament to Africa Unity Square to commemorate the World Anti Corruption Day.

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