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Dube rocks Bulawayo


South African gospel giant Benjamin Dube delivered a top-drawer performance at the Trade Fair Grounds here at the weekend, leaving thousands of his local fans yearning for more.

Hall 3 burst into life Sunday when Dube, resplendent in a black suit, strode onto the stage, drawing a healthy round of applause from the expectant crowd.

He did not disappoint the legion of fans as he immediately broke into song, working the aficionada into a frenzy. The seasoned performer certainly knows how to appeal to the crowd.

When he performed Halleluya Hosanna, he launched into a toyi-toyi and within seconds, everyone was hopping up and down as they sang along.

“I’m so glad to be back in Bulawayo. It has been a long time since I was last here,” he said in between the songs.

He immediately launched into I Feel Like Going Home. It is a soft worship song that moved the crowd to lift up their hands in acclamation as they continued top sing along with passion.

Dube had a way of connecting with the fans, as he interacted with them during the performance. He asked them: “In 1986, I released a song that became a blockbuster on national radio. Who among you here knows what the song is called?”

The answer came quickly, obviously from a long-time devotee, and Dube agreed: Holy Spirit, yes, you are right. That is the title of the song.”

When he belted Holy Spirit, he also introduced a new dance where the audience was required to move side to side. In the meantime, the energetic Dube would, without warning, get into a solo dance, entertaining his fans who would then respond with whistles and shouts.

After performing Jehovah is Your Name, another gentle worship song, the pastor-cum-musician, once again stopped the music and started preaching.

“God is famous for his victories. Call on him when you are facing trouble. Do not fight the flesh, fight the spirit that is behind the flesh and you will win,” he said.

Later, he performed the song Lift Him Up, leading to some more serious dancing in the packed auditorium.

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