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Roy & Royce working on new album


Roy and Royce Gomo whose twin connection dazzled in the yesteryear with hits such as Handirege and Zuva Rangu, are set to return with a new album that is likely to rekindle their romance with urban grooves lovers, long starved of the duo’s music.

Royce, who now works for a company that specialises in global health, was in Bulawayo recently on business and NewsDay caught up with him.

He revealed that, together with his Johannesburg-based twin brother Roy, they were working on a new album, likely to hit the market in January next year.

Despite pursuing their respective careers on a full-time basis, they were still in love with music. Royce said: “Music has always been a part-time occupation for us.”

The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, he said, had always been their greatest inspiration, although they also drew motivation from Oliver Mtukudzi.

“We always felt that he was up there when it came to performing,” said the father of two.

“Locally, we looked up to Oliver Mtukudzi. He is a true role model. He is now an international artist who has continued to churn out hits for so many years.”

So far Roy and Royce have released five albums that have done exceptionally well locally.

They gained fame following the release of their first singles, Handirege.

The duo dominated Power FM Top 20 chart shows with their hit Zuva Rangu in 2002.

Roy and Royce released more hits including Gogogoi, Tenda, Ndochema, Ndiyambuke and Ndimi.

Their last album, New Discoveries Volume 1, was released in 2004, which brought to fame another urban groover, Nox Guni, now based in South Africa.

The duo has since set up Twin Peaks Recordings.

Roy is currently working on that link on Facebook so that their fans can get in touch with them and post their pictures.

He bemoaned the problem of piracy, which he said was bedevilling the music industry.

He said: “Piracy kills the industry. We need to find a way of eradicating it. Musicians are being forced to stage a lot of live shows to make ends meet because sales are going down owing to piracy.”

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