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King Sounds rules, Mic Inity rocks at Spillway gig


Elderly Jamaican musician King Sounds, one of reggae’s most uncelebrated heroes, backed by local reggae trendsetters Transit Crew, took fans who gathered at Spillway Restaurant on Saturday, back in time to 1983, when his music first hit the limelight.

King Sounds took to the stage to roaring applause at 11pm and played until 2am, with the backing Transit Crew, who proved their great prowess by producing a well-coordinated and choreographed performance.

In his two-hour performance, the Jamaican legend oozed with energy, displaying a talented act bettered by age and experience.

The backing vocals were provided by Hope Masike, Lady Tanda and Carmen Hwarari.

Most of King Sounds’ music consisted of his most popular yesteryear beats such as Book of Rules, I’ll Sing, and Teach the Youths.

The audience chanted along as he sang. To put a close to his act, King Sounds sang Bob Marley’s popular One Love, to which the audience lazily swayed while singing the lyrics.

After King Sounds’ performance, local reggae sensation Mic Inity wowed the audience with his ever-sterling performance until three in the morning.

While security at the venue was tight and the venue itself has a relaxing mood to it, the considerable distance of the venue from the city centre, where most reggae gigs are held, clearly barred many reggae enthusiasts from attending.

The sound quality at the show left a lot to be desired as the PA system gave a lot of feedback, blurring an otherwise scintillitaing performance.

The biggest crowd pullers on the reggae scene namely, Transit Crew, MicInity and the Judgement Yard, had their shows cancelled to give way to King Sounds.

King Sounds started his entertainment career in the 70s as a reggae MC. It was at one such gig in 1973 that Alton Ellis, the legendary balladeer, christened him King Sounds, in deference to his exceptional performance.

Over the past 25 years of his career he has given of his talent to his huge following and offered of his professional support to many young artists in the UK.

“Sounds”, as he is affectionately known, called toured and performed live at concerts in places such as the Caribbean, Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and most recently, Japan.

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