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Prophetically-inspired book set to transform lives


A motivational and inspirational book that provides solid, tried and tune tools to tackle life’s challenges and enable enjoyment of life, is set for launching at the Flair ladies conference which begins on December 2-4 at the Harare Exhibition Park.

Titled Enjoy Life Now, the book was authored by Beverley Angel, a Zimbabwean based in the United Kingdom, who is also an internationally-recognised bible teacher.

The book, which is written in simple and straightforward English, speaks about how people can enjoy life in the face of adversity.

At least 3 000 people are expected to attend this bi-annual conference, which has become one of the most sought events on the calendar. It brings together women from all walks of life.

“Enjoying life is not about what you have, it is a choice. It is a choice to adopt steps that will wipe away a frown and bring a smile 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

“Joy is a choice. It’s not a feeling; it is a choice you can make today.”

Angel, who also founded Flair, is an annointed woman whose passion for the gospel of Christ, has found her reaching out to many people through her gift of prophesy.

Angel says: “There are many wealthy people and celebrated people I know personally, who have too many expensive cars but seem not to be going anywhere, too many therapeutic beds but finding no sleep, and too many pairs of shoes that are leading them nowhere.

“Joy is not about material things, but it is something way deeper than happiness. If you don’t learn to enjoy life now, even material things will mean nothing when they come your way.”

Coupled with a strong desire to help the less privileged around the world, the prophetic ministry established Hand of Mercy (Home), a charity arm of Spirit Embassy churches around the world.

Angel is also founder of Angel Group of Companies and also author of the popular devotional Power For Today.

Her Zimbabwean husband Uebert Angel, who co-founded Spirit Embassy churches, recently co-hosted a prophetic conference in Harare with Reverend Emmanuel Makandiwa of the United Families International (UFI), which drew at least 10 000 people a day.

“UFI co-founder Pastor Ruth Makandiwa will be guest speaker at this ladies’ gathering,” said a spokesperson for the church.

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