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Headmaster granted bail


Chikwezvero Primary School headmaster who is facing charges of raping four primary school pupils in Sadza, Mashonaland East Province was last week granted bail by the High Court.

The headmaster, Phillip Mhlanga Magaisa who is also said to be the chairperson of the war collaborators association for Mashonaland East Province, is also under investigation by the police for allegedly sodomising an unknown number of small boys at his school.

Magaisa last week finally tasted freedom after spending three weeks in remand prison. He was released on $600 bail on the two rape charges by the High Court sitting in Harare after Chivu magistrate Tapera Bvudzijena had remanded him in custody.

According to his lawyer Walter Bherebhende, Magaisa is set to stand trial on December 23, after the state proposed to deal with the matter during the school holidays since the witnesses are school children.

According to the state outline, Magaisa, a headmaster who doubled up as a teacher, is alleged to have lured pupils to his house at the school to do some household chores for him.

The state alleges that while other pupils went for sporting activities at the school grounds, Magaisa would select his victims at different times and dates, ostensibly to wash his plates and cook for him.

He would then rape them one by one. The prosecution says Magaisa’s modus operandi involved getting a group of girls at his house and then picking them one by one into his bedroom where he raped them while the other girls waited outside for their turn of the ordeal.

After ravaging his victims, Magaisa allegedly threatened to kill them if word of what was happening at his house ever leaked.

The pupils would comply out of fear of victimization but Magaisa’s luck ran out when one of his victims eventually let the cat out of the bag after being quizzed by her grandmother who had noticed a curious attitude in the girl.

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