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Telecel slashes international SMS costs, begins per second promotions


Telecel Zimbabwe on Saturday switched all its customers to per second billing.

Promotions only available previously with per minute billing are now available in a revised form as per second billing promotions.

Telecel has also slashed the cost of international SMS text messages from 22 cents to nine cents. It has reduced the cost of a local SMS from nine cents to seven cents.

Previously Telecel customers could choose to switch between per second billing and per minute billing, depending on which was most advantageous for them.

Per minute billing was advantageous for customers wishing to take advantage of Telecel’s Mega Juice Card, Baby Juice Card and cheap international calls, all of which were only available as per minute billing promotions.

The Mega Juice Card, which cost one dollar, and Baby Juice Card, which cost fifty cents, included bonus air time for calls to other Telecel subscribers.

Following the switching of all customers permanently to per second billing, Telecel has adapted its Mega Juice, Baby Juice and cheap international calls to per second billing.

A one dollar Mega Juice Card provides, in addition to one dollar’s normal air time, 50 cents bonus air time that can be used for calling other Telecel numbers before 5am the next day. The 50 cents Baby Juice Card has 25 cents bonus air time.

The bonus air time is only valid for calling Telecel numbers.

It remains valid up until 5am the next day, or the same day if the airtime was loaded after midnight.
International calls to 23 major international destinations now cost only 24 cents per minute (0,4 cents per second).

Calls can be made for this price to the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Canada, Australia, China, India, Dubai, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Egypt, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

It does not matter at what time of day one calls or whether one is calling a landline or mobile phone.
The reduction in the cost of international text messages to nine cents means that Telecel is the cheapest network not only for international calls but international SMSs.

Telecel established a reputation for itself earlier in the year as the leading local network when it comes to offering affordable services. It led the way in reducing the cost of SIM cards, cellphones and international calls.

Its price slashes were considerable.

It is continuing this trend with its reduction in the cost of local and international SMSs.

It has reduced the cost of an international SMS by more than 60%.

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