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MDC-T suspends Shonhe


Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T yesterday suspended its director general Toendepi Shonhe pending investigations into allegations of misconduct.

Shonhe is accused of having an adulterous affair with a subordinate in the party’s information department, Sandra Mutsimba, who has also been suspended.

The two were allegedly caught in a compromising position by Mutsimba’s husband at a lodge in Bulawayo after which Shonhe allegedly attacked the husband, who then reported the matter at Bulawayo Central Police.

MDC-T spokesperson Nelson Chamisa said the party’s leadership met at Harvest House and decided to investigate the matter with a view of taking “decisive action” if the allegations were proved true.

A three-member team comprising two national executive members committee Norman Mabhena (chairman) and Lucia Matibenga as well as Harare lawyer Innocent Chagonda, has been set to carry out the investigations.

The committee has been given eight days to complete the probe.

“The MDC has launched a thorough, forensic and sweeping investigation into allegations of misconduct, professional deficiency and deviance and unacceptable behaviour within the party’s rank and file, involving Toendepi Shonhe, the MDC director- general, and an employee in the information and publicity department,” Chamisa said.

Chamisa said his party had a “bible of morals” and an “encyclopedia of good conduct” which was supposed to be respected by all officials.

He said if the two were found innocent they would go unpunished, but the party would act “with the precision of a butcher’s cleaver” and the “force of a hippopotamus” if they violated the party’s code of ethics.

He said the party appreciated that people as mortals erred, but said if that happened corrective action was taken.

Meanwhile, Chamisa also revealed that the MDC-T would independently investigate allegations that Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Australia Jacqueline Zwambila stripped in front of three male embassy staff.

He said Zwambila had not been suspended and insinuated that the allegations against her may be false.

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