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Mabhande resurrects chigiyo music


Former Zig-Zag Band member, Jones Mabhande (45), said he recorded his debut album titled Usimbe with Metro Studios to satisfy the multitudes of chigiyo fans who kept on asking him to not let the music genre die.

“People would ask me whether our music genre would vanish, which inspired me to want to play the music,” said Mabhande.

Zig-Zag band, of the Gomo Ramasare and Mudzimu Mukuru fame, collapsed in 2003 when five of the original seven band members passed away.

The band popularised the chigiyo type of music which has its roots in muchongoyo and katekwe forms of dance from Chimanimani and Dande respectively.

“I played in Botswana from 2004 to 2008 with Ndingo Johwa, a big musician in that country, who plays Kalanga afro-jazz. I played drums and did the backing vocals. In July 2008, I came back home and began working on the Usimbe project,” said Mabhande.

“In this project, I was assisted by my friends like Costa Chuma and Patrick Mbewe among others, who played the instruments while my wife did the backing vocals. I also have done a video of the title track, Usimbe, and it will be showing on television any time soon. I’m also currently doing live shows in Harare.”

Mabhande said he would stick to the original Zig-Zag Band’s chigiyo sound which includes a mix of guitars, keyboards, and horns but with a slight modifications.

“I’ve added a female voice to the sound, something which did not exist in the original band,” said Mabhande. “Introducing a female voice will help to add a new flavour to the sound.”

Mabhande said that working on the album has been an uphill struggle.He said that he had God to thank for putting the album together.

“It was very difficult to put together the album because I had no money to finance the project but like a man, I just put things together and was able to complete the project, and I thank my God very much.”

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