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Infidelity ends in gruesome murder


A man savagely murdered his wife Patricia Dube (21) and their two-year-old son before slitting his throat with a kitchen knife after he had reportedly caught her pants down with a boyfriend in their matrimonial home last week.

Nyasha Chekerwa (22) in a moment of madness brutally struck his wife twice in the head with an axe at their Newtown home, before turning the axe on their two-year-old Tinotenda, following a heated argument over an alleged love affair.

Following the murder, Chekerwa drank poison but after realising that it was taking long to take effect, decided to slit his throat with a kitchen knife.

This was before he had written a suicide note to his employers, Tombs Trucking, and relatives claiming his wife’s infidelity as the major driver of the murder and suicide.

“To my employers, I caught my wife with a boyfriend. This is the matter that has caused this problem in my home. I have tried to reason with my wife and asked her to forgive me so that we move forward with our lives, but she said it was impossible because she had found someone else who loved her.
I could not take this. I am sorry for what I have done,” wrote Chekerwa before taking his own life.

Neighbours said they heard the wife screaming and begging for forgiveness late at night and thought it was just a minor dispute.

However, Nicholas Ncube who stays opposite the Chekerwa home woke up to investigate.

According to a statement he gave to the police Ncube peered through his neighbour’s wall and saw Chekerwa walking around the yard drenched in blood.

“He then walked to the tap and washed his head before heading back into the house. That’s when I rushed to the police camp which is only a few metres from my house to report what I had seen,” wrote Ncube.

Upon returning with a police officer and an army officer the three failed to gain access through the high security wall because vicious dogs were also on guard inside.

The officer then asked for reinforcement before scaling the wall and gaining access into the house.

The police found Dube with two deep cuts in the head lying with face down in a pool of blood.

Chekerwa was also discovered in a pool of blood lying next to his dead son on the bed.

Both wife and husband were rushed to Kwekwe General Hospital where they were pronounced dead after two hours.

A post-mortem confirmed the deaths as having been caused by the violent attacks in the case of the wife and child while for Chekerwa it was a combination of the poison and bleeding from the knife wound.

Kwekwe has recorded a surge in love-related suicides in the past month, with over six cases having been recorded in October and November alone.

A week ago, Joseph Tambaneungu (33) of Newtown hanged himself with an electric cable after his live-in girlfriend, Jane Auxilia Matambanadzo, a student at Midlands State University, had threatened to desert him for another man.

The two are reported to have had a scuffle, resulting in the now deceased beating up his girlfriend and locking her up in a dark room where he then hanged himself while his girlfriend watched.

Attempts to shout for help were in vain as neighbours failed to pull down the door, as Matambanadzo failed to locate the keys.

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