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My saddest, happiest days — Tsvangirai


Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai this week went down memory lane and told guests at a function organised by the New Life Church that the most agonising day of his life was March 11 2007, the day he was beaten, almost to death, by the police while in their custody.

The other devastating day, he said, was the tragic loss of his wife in a traffic accident.

“I felt I was going to die,” he said of the brutal police attack.

“The police came after me and took turns to beat me up and I went lights out. That was the most shocking episode in my political career.”

He also recalled his happiest moment as the day he “won” the March 2008 elections before “the tables were turned”.

“March 2008 was the most exciting part of my life after winning the elections. We had won an election with or without the rigging that we suspected had taken place. We had won the election,” he said.

“I cried and prayed for wisdom to rule this country,” he said.

The interactive meeting saw Tsvangirai responding to questions sent via Twitter and Facebook among other communication platforms, with most of them focusing on his personal and political life.

He said while the thorough beating he received in Highfield remained the most unforgettable event in his life, the tragedy of the loss of his wife Susan would remain forever in his mind.

He said he sorely missed his wife.

Tsvangirai said the inclusive government had its fair share of problems, chief among them the fight to “outdo” each other, but added it had done a lot to achieve economic stability.

The fragile inclusive government has managed to get the country out of a debilitating humanitarian crisis, but the unilateral appointment of senior officials had become the biggest threat to it.

The Prime Minister said he was not shocked neither was he disappointed over the two near misses he had on the Nobel Peace Prize but said his nomination was on behalf of the people of Zimbabwe.

“This is the second year I have been nominated and now the shock is gone. I don’t know what yardstick and measurements they used but I am glad I was nominated,” he said.

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