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Another revolution on the horizon


In the animal kingdom the alpha patriarch or matriarch, as the case may be, defines and marks jurisdictional territory, oftentimes by scenting boundary marks like trees, rocks and so forth, to warn intruders of the outer limits of the no-go zone.

Intrusions are invariably settled by savage fights, often resulting in death or ejection of the loser.

This is a self-preservation instinct bestowed upon animals by nature to protect such things exclusive rights to mate and sire offspring, or to protect family, power and influence.

When the Almighty God created Man, on the other hand, he endowed him with a superior intelligence.

That’s what sets Man apart from other animals, and God gave Man dominion over all other creatures.

Man was created in God’s own image, so say the Holy Scriptures.

But Man, for all his intelligence, has wreaked the worst kind of destruction ever, on planet Earth, even threatening to bringing both flora and fauna to the brink of extinction.

Man fights with incredible ferocity for power and resources, and has created the arsenal and capacity to destroy the world 65 times over, just by pressing a few buttons.

In Zimbabwe, there reigns a genus of this predator, the buccaneer politicians!

These people fight, savagely, for exclusive political control and exclusion of competitors.

They kidnap, imprison, maim, kill and eliminate each other for power and access to resources.

Zimbabwe has one of the highest literacy rates in Africa but its political landscape has become a zone of intrigue, a deadly minefield.

Some of the greediest and most covetous men ever, have found home in these treacherous waters, in the disguise of “politician” and have covertly manoeuvred themselves into strategic positions for some of the worst plundering and primitive accumulation the world has ever known.

People who were mere peasants and vagabonds yesterday have become instant kings and multi-millionaires overnight, with sudden mushrooms of vast empires, in money, land, stands, properties, houses, plant and equipment, and multiple farms, you name it . . . !

They have bought and commandeered the people’s birthright in every city, town, borough and hamlet.

People who were mere schoolteachers, clerks, carpenters and so forth have ganged up and shamelessly established themselves an Eldorado out of the people’s heritage.

Never in the history of post-colonial times have people become so rich, so quickly, without breaking a sweat. “On putting the probing knife into the abscess one finds one of these same ‘buccaneer politicians’, like maggots in a putrescent body, who is blinded by the sudden light”, in every deal worth calling.

The same faces are in the front row to gobble up every opportunity and even to appropriate other people’s private properties, in the name of black empowerment.

Their wealth is dead-wealth, it has no relationship with economic activity whatsoever, other than the establishing activity, the sweat and tears of the original, dispossessed owners.

They have simply acquired from previous owners, be it local authorities, public and private institutions or individuals.

Parastatals and banking institutions, like the RBZ which is susceptible to political manipulation and intrigue, have been used as milk-cows and stalking-horses.

Zimbabwe has become the perfect living colour sequel to the Animal Farm allegory.

The culprits are the holders of power and influence, and they make certain that that power remains firmly in their hands, by any means necessary, lest new brooms come and sweep the deck clean.

In sharp inverse contrast to this grotesquely gruesome and sorry picture stand the poor masses, with shattered lives now resembling the scene of a ship-wreck, with planks and debris strewn all along the coastline, savings, insurance policies and pensions having been decimated by the adventurism of the same pirates who steer the ship into perilous waters where only they can survive, as they now do.

And while the masses are shouting at the devil, these nouveau riche buccaneer bureaucrats continue fishing in the troubled waters, in the name of the same masses, and landing huge catches!

Now they are back again, sights firmly set on diamonds!

They say the poor will benefit from the diamonds, yet it is that same poor who were stampeded out of the diamond zone, a place of their heritage which they had occupied since time immemorial.

How will the poor benefit when we have never seen them benefit out of the other over 40 minerals that God has graced the country with?

Has anyone ever seen these masses benefiting from these resources, other than seeing them break their backs digging for the benefit of these buccaneers?

Who doesn’t know that the poor are destined to remain so, and to, like orphans at a Christmas party, peep through keyholes to see these rich buccaneers feasting sumptuously?

Who will call these voracious and avaricious leeches to order, when those who are supposedly ideally charged with the responsibility of so doing are similarly engrossed and are no better, with equally dirty hands?

The hunters are the hunted and vice versa!

I see another revolution on the horizon as the political buccaneers and the masses increasingly become mortal enemies!

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