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Zimswag in a fix


Zimswag’s bid to bring top US artists T-Pain and Eve to Zimbabwe next week has hit a snag after another promoter, Emperor Productions, beat them to the race by booking Jamaican reggae artist, King Sounds, with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) first.

According to NACZ’s regulations, two local promoters could not host different international artists within a space of one week.

Zimswag had wanted T-Pain and Eve to perform on November 26, just a day shy of the King Sounds show billed for November 27.

NACZ national director Elvas Mari told NewsDay on Tuesday that the arts mother body wanted to prevent unnecessary competition among promoters hence the regulations were designed to ensure that only one promoter could host an international show at a time.

“When a promoter books to bring in an international artist, we block that week to other promoters for their benefit. This means no other promoter can bring in another international artist three days before and after that particular promoter is done. We need to support our promoters hence this decision,” said Mari.

There was no problem with one promoter bringing in different artists at one time, Mari said, adding that what mattered was the booking and clearance with the NACZ.

He also said it was possible for another promoter to bring in other artists into the country at the same time but in another city far away from the first promoters.

“No other promoter can bring in another artist into the same city or the surrounding areas as it will cause unnecessary competition. But another promoter can host another artist in another city far away from the first,” he said.

NACZ operated on a first-come first-serve basis, meaning that the first promoter to book and be cleared would be the one to host their show, he said, adding that slots would only be vacant if the authorised host cancels their show.

Zimswag director Tendai Mupfurutsa however said all hope was not lost as they were in the process of communicating with Eve and T-Pain to reschedule the event.

“We are in the process of rescheduling the event with the two artists who were meant to arrive in Zimbabwe next week Wednesday. Unfortunately we can’t bring them in the week after 26 (November) as they have shows in Europe but we will definitely bring them through soon,” said Mupfurutsa.

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