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‘Zim has not known peace since 1997’


MDC-T says calling for elections next year without creating a conducive environment for free and fair polls would take the country back to chaos and render it ungovernable.

This comes after party president Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said over the weekend his party would boycott elections if they were held in a bloody and violent manner that characterised previous elections.

MDC-T spokesperson Nelson Chamisa said a lot still needed to be done before elections could be held and that the call by President Robert Mugabe for elections mid next year was “like calling for an examination without a syllabus”.

“Our argument is based on conditions, not time. Let conditions be conducive.

“Holding elections under the prevailing conditions will result in another inconclusive outcome that will germinate into a full-blown crisis and we don’t want that crisis,” Chamisa said.

He said the people of Zimbabwe had known no peace since 1997 and therefore needed a break.

“We have had too many commas and we now need a full stop. We need an omega to this crisis. Fundamental issues should be addressed first before we talk of elections,” said Chamisa.

“The process should be free of corruption and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission should be chlorinated.”

He said holding elections next year as suggested by President Mugabe would not be practical if conditions remained the same.

“Why should we work on an answer given by (President) Mugabe? Talk of elections in June without assessing the environment is like talking of exams without a syllabus.

“Our argument is let’s work on the syllabus first before we go for an exam. We want an election where a loser accepts losing. That’s what we fought for,” said Chamisa.

Chamisa said regional and international blocs should help in creating an environment that would pave way for the holding of peaceful, free and fair elections.

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