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It’s always too soon to quit


I know it’s easier to give up than to hold on a little bit longer in any pursuit.

There is no value that lies in giving up, however.

Many people have tried many things to no end but they have no result to show for their effort.

It is not bad to try but the error that has rocked your life for this long is that you have been giving up at the point of your breakthrough; the proverbial quitting three inches from gold.

You are ever learning new ways of doing things but you lack the stamina to get the best from your know-how because giving up too soon has become a habit.

There is no one who ever built anything worthwhile by giving up.

Quitters never win and winners never quit.

This applies in whatever endeavour you engage upon.

I know you may be pondering about how you have been working extremely hard to this end but nothing appears to be coming your way.

Others the world over are also working as hard as you are doing.

When you look around, it appears as though your colleagues are faring better than you.

A closer look reveals that the level of patience that you have is low.

Probably struggling is the order of the day in everything that you put your hands upon but all great successes have had their own struggles.

The only difference between you and them is that they never gave up.

They have mastered the principle that giving up has never won anyone a crown.

I know you have been thinking deeply and imagining great things over the years; possibly the prayers you have made to the heavenly realm are numerous.

The fact still stands that you have no obligation to quit.
Even scripture gives the example of a persistent widow who kept begging her master for justice.

Because of never quitting, she was ultimately granted justice.

Even the biblical Daniel persistently prayed for his answer for a good twenty-one days.

He never gave up because he knew fully well that the solutions rested in what he was doing.

This generation is found wanting in that everyone wants things that come without much sweating and waiting.

They seem not to realise that there is no sweet that comes without sweat.

Having tried every possible way in the book is not even good enough a reason for you to quit; it’s still too earlier.

There are many people who missed their mark several times but they finally got what they desired.

It is said of Thomas Edison (the inventor of the light bulb) that he failed more than a thousand times in trying to come up with the bulb.

He never gave up; he kept on believing that what he had in mind was going to materialise.

Even though he was discouraged by many, that was not strong enough reason for him to give up.

How come you want to give up on your dream because people have said something negative?

Are you not aware that the human race is good at criticising what others are doing?

You are too smart to be discouraged by those who are heading nowhere.

When people criticise you, it is proof enough that what you are attempting is worthwhile and it will take you far.

If no one comments on your pursuits, then you are operating as an average person and those who ply the safe havens never make a difference in the world.

There are times when you obviously grow tired because the time has been too long but again, that is not a good enough excuse to give up.

When you get tired, do not feel bad about resting.

After all, resting is part of life; just rest and continue with the journey later.

The only thing that I am against is giving up because you are tired.

You would rather progress slowly by heading somewhere than give up and become a nobody.

The best person to fulfil the dream you have is you.

There is no better person to execute what you have to execute.

I would rather have a chameleon that is moving forward without quitting than a rabbit that brags of its abilities but gives up along the way.

There are many people in this generation who are genetically endowed with exceptional talent but they never achieve much because they always give up on undertakings they would have started.

The ones who may not be maximally equipped have stood to make the greatest impact in the world because they know the secret of holding on to the bitter end.

Someone said it so well in these words: “Successes are so because they never know when to quit.”

There are times when you don’t have to overly evaluate everything that comes your way because the chances are very high that you may be prompted into giving up.

A person of your calibre should never give up. It’s just too early for you to give up.

The only time I would allow you to give up is when you cease to breathe.

As long as you are animate, there is a way to attain greatness.

Quitting is not an option. If you choose to, it is a sign of cowardice to your dreams and pursuits.

Who do you expect to address those challenges you are supposed to solve if you give up?

Why should you go the easy route yet you have been endowed with the brain that is capable of providing us the greatest solution of our time? The time to give up is not today.

Come to the immediate realisation that those who persevere a little longer will have their encounter with destiny at unpredictable hours.

Just give your best, remain focused, work as though your very life depends on it, keep acquiring wisdom in the area of your expertise.

I assure you that you will be shocked at the results that accrue to you, as long as you commit to never quitting.

Become a positive thinker and remember that it’s always too soon to quit.

Once again, let’s make a date to meet at the top, having persevered in our different pursuits.

Noah Mangwarara is a motivational speaker and leadership expert.

Feedback:0775 952 634/ nmangwarara@gmail.com

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