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Ex-Matonto man still rocking


Chris Kayana Gudu, who rocked the local music scene collectively with his brother Calvin, known as Matonto, is still going strong in music, having settled in Australia.

Gudu, who is a songwriter, drummer, guitarist and bass player, believes music is a universal language crossing all boundaries and cultures.

New Zimbabwe reports that Gudu, who is originally from Bulawayo, will this week tour Australia and New Zealand.

“I feel my musical journey started from the time I was born in Zimbabwe,” said Gudu on his website, chrisgudu.com

Music was important among his family members who made instruments; they all sang in church and his mother was a gospel choir leader.

Gudu, who left for England to study, has played with other African musicians in Europe, developing his own songwriting and performance styles.

He described his music as township jive, which has an afro-jazz feel and originated from the streets and shebeens of southern Africa, popular in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana.

“I think I’ve developed a distinctive sound. I like to listen to lots of different artists . . . and to incorporate different sounds in my music,” Gudu said.

He enjoys blues, jazz, funk and country music and names musicians Louis Armstrong, Emmylou Harris, Keb Mo and Taj Mahal as influences.

Gudu said his music has developed in different stages and with time, maturity and experience, the things he wants to sing about have changed too.

There are strong messages in the lyrics on his debut solo album, Bavimbeni, which few people in his new home will understand due to the language barrier.

“We all receive it and appreciate it in the same way. In my homeland, obviously, the lyrics are immediately understood and different things will touch different people,” Gudu said.

“Even if people don’t understand the words they are going to say: ‘I like this groove, it makes me want to move’.

“I help them to appreciate the meaning through the rhythm and music.”

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