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Let us face it. Whether we admit it or not, we want to look younger than we really are. Who has not lied about her age in the past month?

Who has not fussed over the new strand of gray hair that seems to have sprung on her forehead?

Who has not worried about the new crow’s feet she found while putting on makeup?

Whether we are open about it or not, we have felt this longing to be 18 again, young and carefree.

Or perhaps it is a desire to feel less tired and stressed than we usually are, or to feel as pretty and attractive as we used to be when we were still young.

For women who have taken the steps to turn back the time, the solutions they have taken are usually costly and painful.

If we want to look young, the steps can be as simple as caring for our skin and spicing up our wardrobe.

Of course, we have to dress our age, but there is nothing wrong with updating ourselves and dressing young once in a while. Here are a few ways we can look young simply by dressing young.

•Wear a nice pair of jeans that flatter your figure and disguise the waist that has thickened and the hips that have become wider through the years. These jeans do not have to be the latest skinny jeans; that could spell nightmares for some. A good pair with a bootleg cut and a dark wash would be enough to create wonders for you.

•Wearing a pretty print dress can cut back the years, too, especially ones that are pastel-coloured and bare a little bit of skin.

Having a pretty dress on makes one instantly feel young and feminine, less of a career woman and definitely less of a matron.

If you are not comfortable with baring skin anymore, a shawl or a light cardigan will provide good cover.

•Hide the sags and bulges that age and constant stress have given our bodies.
Wear pantyhose, tights and undergarments that provide support to your legs, thighs and hips. However, do not punish yourself by wearing things that pinch your body too much and are too uncomfortable for you. You are supposed to smile and feel good about what you are wearing.

•Do yourself a favour and ditch the matronly handbag. Sure, the big and bulky handbag has seen you through so many emergencies, but there are more stylish bags out there that can provide you and your things enough space without looking too old and outdated.

•Do your hair and face simply, the way you used to do when you were still young. Just put on some face powder and a touch of fruity lip gloss, and then do your hair up in a ponytail.

That takes you back to high school, but without the hang- ups of our age.

Until next week. Stay fabulous.


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