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Tynwald pupils off to SA cultural festival


Pupils from Tynwald Primary School in Harare are set to showcase their talent at the week-long Polokwane Cultural Festival in South Africa beginning December 6.

The invitation followed a recent trip by the school to South Africa where they played cricket, hockey, rugby and soccer.

“The South Africans became interested in Tynwald School after they had interacted with the children who displayed their musical skills during the tour. They were amazed by the multi-talented children from this school,” said the headmaster, Sevias Mujere.

A concert to mark the school’s 10th anniversary held last week on Friday was a clear testimony to a school that has managed to tap talent and train children to sing and dance.

Storytelling and poetry were some of the literary genres showcased at the concert.

A group of 13 children from one family were the climax of the event as they danced to music, leaving the audience asking for more.

“We can see Michael Jacksons in the making,” remarked a parent in the audience.
Known as the “Headmaster’s Band”, the Gumbura children are no doubt the musicians of tomorrow, given excellent choreography of their dance routine.

The school is meanwhile set for a cultural exchange visit to the US from December 1-21.

The trip was organised by a parent now resident in the US. At least 24 children will benefit from this trip which will take them to Boston in Massachusetts where they will visit nine private schools.

“The children will be housed with families so that they can experience the American lifestyle. Zimbabwe has been portrayed in the most negative light and I am positive that this trip will change that mindset,” the headmaster said.

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