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Friday ‘exquisite’ nights a damp squib


Two weeks after the launch of “Friday Nights with Exquisite” — an event hosted by urban groover Enock “Ex-Q” Munhenga — it has failed to command a significant following as the response by fans has not lived up to the organisers’ expectations.

The event was meant to give upcoming musicians a platform to showcase their talent at the Rainbow Cinema.

Last Friday, a handful of people attended the show and as the night progressed, some of them left, hoping to find more “kicking” joints in town.

Although local upcoming urban groover Romeo Anthony, popularly known as Shinso, put up an exciting performance of his hit song, Kereke — which features the popular duo, Extra Large, and other songs — the turnout was disappointing.

Ex-Q admitted that they needed to polish up their marketing strategies to give the show a higher profile.

“Of course we might need to find better marketing strategies to lure people to the event but right now we are certainly not worried about attendance as it is still a fairly new event,” said Munhenga.

He said there were a lot of hot Friday night joints in the capital but he was certain that very soon a lot of people would be attending their show.

Munhenga said it could take time but people would eventually appreciate the show as they had a number of good marketing strategies for the event like posters, banners and text message invites, whose results they hoped would start to manifest soon.

“Despite the poor response from the audience I’m very happy that a lot of artists are in support of this event as it also gives them a free platform to show the world their musical talents,” he said.

Together with his manager Eddy “Nitredy” Dhliwayo, Munhenga signed a contract with Mighty Movies to host the event that is mainly to cater for anti-clubbing music lovers.

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